What Can Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities Do

July 6, 2012 0 Comments

Emotional disorder and emotional disturbances are usually the many reasons why someone falls prey to drug addiction, alcoholism, or in any kind of substance abuse. Mentally disturbed people are not clear of substance abuse’ temptation, either. This gave birth to what psychologist call, dual diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis indicates that someone mentally disturbed, someone with emotional disorder is into prohibited drugs, or in any form of addiction. For the addiction to prevented, the psychiatric condition must be dealt with. There are Treatment Centers For Dual Diagnosis for this.

Dual diagnosis treatment is a specifically design program according to the needs of the client.

Get the cause of the issue. It is essential to know as to why one is into drug abuse, why he is mentally or emotionally disturbed. Some addicts become mentally disturbed because of the prohibited drugs they take, it targets their brain and lacks serotonin, usually the cause of anxiety or they become depressed. Moreover, it also takes place that an emotionally or mentally disturbed individual becomes addicted to the drugs he is taking to reduce the symptoms of his disorder.

The right place for the best treatment. There are a lot of rehabilitation centers around, they can resolve the alcoholism and drug abuse issue of the client. However, it is still best to go to dual diagnosis treatment centers for they are the experts and trained to deal with a double edge sword a dual diagnosis is. It is important that someone with dual diagnosis be in a treatment center with professionals and somebody who understands what they’re going through. Mental and emotional disturbance ought to be treated together with the addiction to have lasting result. It must be treated simultaneously to avoid relapses.

Support and understanding needed. Addicts are driven to their vices for different reason. In spite of reasons, it’s a good idea not to be judgmental and therapists should be very careful as so not to intimidate the client that would make uncooperative to treatments and therapies. Family, relatives and friends’ support are also essential in the client’s journey to sobriety. They should be as visible as the program entails them to be, for the client to feel that they still belong, and that they still matter. The more people around him understands his situation, the better chances of recovering fast and have lasting result. This is to prepare the client to the world outside the treatment facility.

Focus and determination. After the treatment program, the client can certainly still go to his therapist if he thinks there is still a need to. One needs a proper mind setting, he needs to mental consistency not to choose to go back to his old life, his old vice. This is always the strong urge to relapse, he has to be strong, and he needs to brave it.

Dual diagnosis treatment center is there to help. The family can understand and be supportive. However, the will to start existing, to start living, to select to be forthright should come from the heart.

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