What Can Go Bad In Oxycodone And Oxycontin Abuse

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

Do you wish to learn the basics related to oxycodone and oxycontin? Hopefully, you would be able to get all the answers to your queries here.

Oxycontin is an opioid agonist, commonly used for overcoming severe pains because of trauma, muscle pains, bone injuries, dislocations, neuralgia, joint inflammation, back problems and cancer. The primary component of oxycontin is oxycodone. The proper consumption of the drug involves ingestion in a whole form; the pill should not be broken or crushed down, otherwise there’s a serious risk of getting overdose, that can prove to be deadly.

Evidently, there is no exact maximum dosage of the drug. But the amount of dosage is dependent on the unwanted effects of using the drug. The most severe of all the adverse effects pertaining to oxycontin is respiratory depression, because the drug may interrelate with opioid receptors of the human brain and spinal cord.

However, addiction to oxycontin is getting very common. Addicts crush the tablet and consume it by ingesting, inhaling or injecting. Injection causes the most severe effects. Several methods can be optimized to obtain the drug. Addicts get the drug by robbing the pharmacy, bogus prescriptions or unlawful practice by the medical professionals.

It’s been witnessed that youngsters are falling prey to the non-medical use of oxycontin. Many Deaths have ocurred in United States only. When the consumption of the drug is stopped instantly it can trigger various issues like restlessness, anxiety, yawning, perspiration, myalgia, insomnia, vomiting, nausea, increased heart rate and blood pressure.

The utilization of oxycodone must be monitored otherwise oxycodone abuse can stem. Reliance upon oxycodone arises due to the use of the drug for several weeks to some months. Utilizing oxycodone is usually safe until and unless it is consumed under careful examination of the medical professionals. A lot of research is done to create new substitutes which have reduced negative effects. Remoxy has been introduced. But for being secure more tests are required.

Both these drugs are utilized to relieve out the pains but excessive use can trigger various problems. Concerned regulators are taking all the required steps in monitoring the amount, rate and renewal requests.

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