What Exactly Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

June 15, 2012 0 Comments

By Javier Snover

What exactly is carpal tunnel syndrome and how does this condition affect individuals who have it? This syndrome is a medical condition that affects the wrists. The wrist of the body is surrounded by tendons and other supportive tissues, and there’s a little area in between the bones and tissues in the wrist. This area is called the carpal tunnel, and it contains the median nerve that provides sensation in the hand and fingers. When the tissues surrounding the space become swelled or inflamed for any reason the effect can be pinching or rubbing on the median nerve.

When the median nerve becomes inflammed then prickling, feeling numb, and even severe pain can occur. This syndrome can be hard to deal with and may need complete rest of the affected tissues as well as medications to regulate any swelling and pain. Over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines can be very valuable in certain cases however these medicines may not work each time.

If the carpal tunnel syndrome signs and symptoms become serious then in some instances surgical treatment might be performed. The surgeon may cut away painful tissues or perform other operations made to eliminate the nerve discomfort and resulting symptoms.The same problem can exist in the ankle and foot but this is termed as tarsal tunnel syndrome. The signs or symptoms with both situations can become severe and affect the usual daily activities.

There are numerous diseases and conditions that can cause problems in the carpal tunnel. In many cases the cause of the syndrome is not recognized but any activity or condition that adds tension or swelling in the carpal tunnel can cause this condition. Working on a pc for extended times daily, frequent repeated movements of the wrist every day, and other kinds of wrist strain can cause the condition to start.

Diabetes is another ailment that can impact the carpal tunnel, and arthritis can also trigger symptoms. Certain types of cancers and other illnesses may also have an effect on the tissues surrounding the wrist area because these illnesses trigger cell growth and tissue inflammation.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be brought on by conditions like pregnancy and obesity, where many tissues swell.

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