What Is Dual Diagnosis?

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Drug abuse is regarded as a significant health issue rather then a habit forming dependency when your lifestyle goes wrong. It involves many challenging problems that lead to deep psychological scarring when the body gets used to dangerous substances for long period. These may be associated with either alcohol or drugs but the problem of addiction is the same and calls for treatment and rehabilitation for a long period to recover. Men and women who are afflicted by psychological or mental conditions when getting substances, such as drugs and alcohol have problems with a condition that is called “dual diagnosis.” This is a very challenging condition which can be hard for the affected person to get out of the abuse without getting psychiatric and emotional help at good alcohol rehab centers.

Is this condition of Dual Diagnosis very common?

Studies on the topic indicate that practically 50% of person suffer from mental health conditions when they get some drug abuse substances such as meth, heroin and cocaine or consume excessive alcohol. Approximately 37% of alcohol addicts and the same number of substance addicts encounter psychological trauma. There is strong connection noticed between the temperament of the affected individual and their mindset that drives them to misuse the substance.

Abusers that have to cope with dual diagnosis require treatment that can handle each of the related troubles. It’s important that they undergo therapies simultaneously to treat the two issues and it’s advantageous when the problem is dealt with by the same healthcare expert group.

The abuser is initially detoxified to assist them to get over the obsession. The timeframe of this treatment might be from a couple of weeks to 6 months, depending on the severity of their abuse. The affected person is compulsorily expected to participate in the integrated therapy that applies directly to the particular addiction and psychological condition. The following plans are recommended for dual diagnosis.

Group therapy ought to be encouraged for addicts who are afflicted by this issue together with specific therapy consultations. This can help addicts to know and share their thoughts.

The team of physicians makes use of case management services where they investigate each situation and provide assistance along with support communication from the affected individuals.

Assistance from members of the family and close friends are suggested to assure the sufferers.

They are also offered work, education and training on various life-skills.

Medication is recommended by the medical doctors who ensure that it’s given to the sufferers under controlled supervision.

These aspects help the alcohol rehabs offer successful alcohol and drug treatment to patients struggling with dual diagnosis to get over the dependency successfully.

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