What Is Jan Marini

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Jan Marini is a popular skin care specialist commonly known for her glycolic acid based products. These products work by providing Vitamin C straight to the skin’s cells so as to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Today, the Jan Marini line has been expanded and now offers products meant for the treatment of hair, lips and eyelashes.

Jan Marini range of Products

Regardless of what their different range of products treat, Jan Marini products either contain topical vitamins or antioxidants as one of their major ingredients. Their most prominent line of products is highlighted below:

Marini Line

The Marini line is well known for its eye lash conditioner called the Marini Lash. It usually comes with mascara styled tubes that help to make lashes denser and lush. The Marini line is also made up of Marini Hair and the Marini Mascara.

Biogycolic Line

This line has glycolyic as its major ingredient. This acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that is helpful in the treatment of the symptoms that come about with aging. This line also contains other varieties of products including scrubs, cleaners, lotions and eye creams.


This is a specialized line that contains Vitamin C has its major ingredient. Vitamin C is well known to contain anti-aging and skin conditioning properties. Other prominent products under this line include concentrates, facial masks, oil control serums and creams.

Age Intervention Line

This line of products focuses on potent hydration and the rejuvenation of the skin. The age intervention line is specially made for the female skin.

The Antioxidant Line

This line of products is meant to provide its users with complete antioxidant protection. Antioxidants are known to safeguard the body from free radicals that cause cancer and also help to avert the symptom associated with skin aging.

The Therapeutic Line

These products are mean to treat common skin conditions such as dark circles and acne

Intensifiers / Accelerator Line

This line is made of products specially formulated to speed up the intended results.

Clinical / Pro Line

Their clinical line consists of products that are manufactured for use by skin care and other cosmetic professionals. They may include creams, oils and concentrates.

Peptide ingredients in Jan Marini Products

Peptides are currently one of the leading ingredients used in anti-aging products. They are very helpful in the treatment and prevention of aging. Some of the products that contain peptides include eye creams, facial masks and conditioners. Peptides have the below properties:

– Stimulation of the body’s antioxidant natural defenses – Formation of capillaries and the enhancement of tissue repair – Enhancement of collagen protein synthesis to strengthen the skin and make it more elastic.

Benefits of Jan Marini Products

The Jan Marini line contains of a range of products specially designed to cater for your different cosmetic needs. They also provide consumers with a full list of ingredients contained in these products. This helps you avoid any product which may contain ingredients you are allergic to.

There are enough resources online that prove Jan Marini products are effective. You can view testimonials from physicians, clients, skin care specialists and celebrity makeup artists from the product website and other sources.

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