What Is Medicare Long Term Care?

July 2, 2012 0 Comments

Medicare long term care is a contradiction in itself, as Medicare, typically will not pay for long term care. So, to better understand why this is the case, you need to comprehend what the phrase long term care really means to us.

Long Term Care

This kind of care represents several types of services that are extended to people that suffer from a handicap or a chronic illness which may continue for extensive durations. Many of these people need long term care and might need a combination of non-medical and medical services. Non-medical care for example includes bathing, dressing, feeding and bed care for people who are unable to take care of themselves. Medical care on the other hand entails long term medical attention, and extensive therapy etc. until the person recovers completely. Many older persons need such care as they age and it is important to plan this. as they will probably need to purchase long term care insurance simply because Medicare will not cover these expenses.

What Medicare Includes

Medicare long term care is really a misrepresentation of sorts simply because in most cases, long term care is not allowed within Medicare. But, it may provide for your medical care in a hospital, nursing care center or health care at your house, it will not insure costs for non-medical treatment. However, Medicare long term care benefits tend to be available in certain instances to individuals who’ve got the Medicare Advantage Plan or maybe Medicare Part C, when there is proof that the patient usually requires such care.

Medicaid Long Term Care

The program offered by the Federal Government and individual states called Medicaid offers cover for long term care. The particulars of eligibility, coverage and services offered differ from one state to another but in general, this applies only to the elderly who have assets and incomes below a specified level. To find out if you are eligible for this, you need to get in touch with your state’s administrative authorities.

Personal Long Term Care Insurance

Especially if you care for a loved one with a disability, it is important you find out about long term disability insurance. This is even more critical if your income and assets are not low enough to qualify for the Medicaid program. The few options by which you can meet your long term care needs include the following.

* Long term care insurance from a private insurance company. This is quite expensive, but costs lesser when purchased at a younger age. * Exchange of an existing life insurance policy for a policy on long term care. Some health insurance companies offer this option.

Understanding that Medicare long term care is not an available option for most people is the first step to planning for long term care. Once you realize this, you can then make appropriate plans to meet expenses for long term care so that it does not catch you unawares when the need suddenly arises.

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