What To Expect From Your First Acupuncture Treatment, Plus How To Get The Best Out Of It

August 22, 2012 0 Comments

Feeling a bit nervous or apprehensive, perhaps mixed in with a dash of hope, optimism or excitement before your first acupuncture treatment?

Wondering about if the needles will be painful, and if what you’ve heard about is really true or just a load of cods wallop?

Are You Really Going To Allow A Stranger To Stick Needles Into You?
It’s totally normally to have these types of feelings and thoughts before a first acupuncture treatment. On one hand you’re going to do something you’ve never done before and on the other hand you’re just about to let some stranger stick needles into you!

As human beings we are already programmed with a fear of the unknown, in fact it is so strong that we would prefer to do things that are familiar, yet not enjoyable, maybe even painful, than to try something brand new.

Qualified Acupuncturists
The good news is that if you are going to an acupuncturist for the first time, if you have checked the person out, most likely the acupuncturist is a caring, well qualified individual who is passionate about helping people just like you.

You can expect them to take a thorough medical history, but in the style of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) the acupuncturist will use various other TCM diagnostic approaches.

Root Cause
The aim of a qualified acupuncturist is to get to the root cause of the health issue and as opposed to treating the symptoms, TCM goes for the cause.

Of course for some people who are used to a quick fix such as drugs for symptoms, this approach can seem different. Yet the reality is that in the long term not only will the root cause of the presenting issue be treated but your system and energy generally should be more balanced and in tune. The end result is that you should feel happier and be more productive.

To Get The Most Out Of The Acupuncture Session

-In the days before going for your first acupuncture session try to drink a decent amount of water and if possible avoid alcohol and drugs, at least for six hours before the appointment.

-Eat a few hours before attending an acupuncturist and don’t eat an overly large helping of food.

-Avoid especially hot or spicy foods.

-Avoid doing anything to the extreme beforehand, such as over exercising.

-Try to schedule your day so that after the session you have some time to relax, perhaps taking some time in nature, if you can.

-Don’t come “caffeined-up”, try to avoid colas, coffee, tea and sources of caffeine for a few hours before and after the treatment.

-Wear comfortable clothes which give access to arms and legs. For example baggy shorts, t shirt and sandals are a good outfit, that is if you live somewhere that the weather allows it.

-Have a good intention towards the session, as some would say that a great doctor and a great patient have a better chance of getting great results

-Answer the acupuncturist’s questions clearly and truthfully, although some may seem odd to you, they are all clues to your current lack of optimum health


-Enjoy the sensations

-Observe your energy, or just let yourself fall under the spell of deep relaxation

-Stay still, you don’t want to disturb the needles and the good work they are doing

-Don’t do anything especially physical, your muscles and system need to relax

-If possible spend time in nature

-Don’t overload your body with toxins, if possible avoid them for at least the rest of the day


Acupuncture can have results for so many different issues that detract from your optimum health. Be patient, for some people feel a quick effect from the first session or sessions, whilst others will take longer to feel the improvement.

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