When Did Vibration Exercise Come About?

July 28, 2012 0 Comments

By Wade Anders

Whole body vibration has existed for many years, and in many forms. Remember the earlier vibration machines that used a belt that you placed around your rear? They had the right idea, but not the right technology. (Ever try one of these old “bad boys”: They felt pretty good!) The Soviets moved vibration science along in the 60’s. Did you ever wonder why the Russians were so dominating in the Olympics from the 1960’s. through the 1980’s? You’ve got it correct: their athletes were using whole body vibration regularly in training and training programs.

The space race between the Soviets and the United States powered research and continuing work of many new areas. The Russians quickly discovered that being exposed to zero-gravity conditions in outer space brought about severe deterioration of bone density and muscle tone. The concept of people encountering something resembling the force of gravity while in space is how the idea behind whole body vibration originated. (You may have already encountered this on your own. If you’ve ever been in a boat which was moving fast; taken the waves and mini-jumps with your legs, then realised how over-worked your leg muscles were, even if “all you did was stand there”, then you’ve seen vibrational forces working on your legs.) The USSR advanced the development of whole body vibration for their cosmonauts The Soviet space program utilized Whole Body vibration in an attempt to replicate weight bearing loads for their cosmonauts while exercising and training before, during, and after missions in outer space. Adding Whole Body vibration exercise in zero-gravity situations was something which worked to mimic the forces of gravity when there wasn’t any. Cosmonauts used whole body vibration exercise devices to retain bone mineral density and muscle strength. Instead of being too weak to simply walk after returning from space, the Soviet cosmonauts were finding their way back from space in almost identical condition as when they left.

Whole body vibration exercisers have been popular with the high end athletic clubs in Europe for many years, but have only crossed to America during the past few years. At first they came only to our high end fitness clubs, because the cost of those machines remained way too high for your average person. lately, because of the growing popularity of the concept, many more companies have began making them, and the cost has dropped to within the normal person’s reach. With that being said, you can find one which is cheaply made, which means that the company that made it needed to cut way too many corners to get the cost lowar. You’ll find things such as an inadequate motor, slower vibration rates, fewer directions of vibration, etc. As with all things, you always get what you pay for.

The whole body vibration exercise equipment has a base possessing an large motor built-in. You stand on as it vibrates, making your body feel as if it’s starting to lose balance, this will cause your muscles to tense up from 10-29 times each and every second in an effort to “get back” that feeling of balance. The vibrations from the machine also improve the output of regenerative and repair hormones, enhance the blood circulation in skin and muscle groups, improve bone tissue, improve lymph drainage, burn off fat, and improve your metabolism.

If you’re involved with any kind of athletic activity such as martial arts training, track, swimming, gymnastics, football or even golf, you’ll soon begin to enjoy the increased speed, mobility, and the improved muscle control a good quality whole body vibration machine can supply you with. Simply by making use of a whole body vibration machine, you can always keep your whole body toned while improving muscle mass and bone strength and density. It will require a bit of adjustment to get used to, but after a using the machine, you’ll love the feeling it gives!

If you wish to maximize your workout results while dedicating the least ammount of time, then you should be checking out a Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine.

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