Which Food Should You Include On Your Caveman Diet Grocery List?

July 31, 2012 0 Comments

What does your Paleo diet grocery list look like? The great news about eating a Paleo diet plan is that you will have much more flexibility than you do with some other diets. In fact, when you are trying to determine what food items to put on your Paleo diet grocery list there is only one question you have to ask yourself, “Would a caveman eat this?”

Remember, the Paleo diet is centered on eating the food that our bodies were meant to eat. Our forefathers had no sugar, processed foods, and sodas. The hunter gatherer concept was in full force with folks only eating the food they could catch and the berries and veggies that they were able to find. There was no such thing as a cheese burger or a caesar salad dressing. And yet, they were extremely wholesome and very strong. After all, they had to wake up each morning, pursue food, prep food, locate a shelter, and take care of their relatives. All of these matters take a massive amount of strength and stamina.

Only things that a caveman might potentially have enjoyed should get onto your paleo diet shopping list. They are the foods that contain high amounts of natural energy. And among the best means to do this is to add a lot of lean meats to your list. Lean meats contain a great deal of protein which sponsors quick weight loss and making you feel full for a greater period of time. So you want to add beef, chicken, turkey, and low fat burgers to your caveman recipes. If the meat you buy contains visible fat, get rid of it. One other good suggestion with meat is to try to find all natural or grass fed meat. After all, if the animals have been eating processed foods, then you won’t get the levels of protein that you are looking for.

Seeds and nuts are also an essential part of your Paleo diet plan. They are quick to put together and have the characteristics that help you to feel full. Countless times we find ourselves famished and stuck in traffic or at the office without having our healthy and balanced food. But if you keep a bag of mixed nuts and seeds with you, you will be able to conveniently stay with your healthy paleo meal plan all day long.

Finally, you want to add fresh fruits and vegetables to your Paleo diet food list. When dealing with fruits and vegetables, it is always best to shop organic, that way you know that you will be consuming food free from chemicals.

Last but not least, you want to include a few drinks to your grocery list. Though it is true that water is always best, it doesn’t mean you really need to lose your beloved tipples. For example, you ought to keep away from normal soft drinks, but you can have diet soda. You may also drink coffee and tea in small amounts.

Establishing a Paleo diet grocery list may well seem to be frightening at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Just remember to consider your meal options and ask yourself if a caveman would have eaten that dish. Also, remember to put some beverages on your shopping list, just make sure to investigate what those drinks contain before you buy them.

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