Why Teens Need To Avoid Substance Abuse

July 10, 2012 0 Comments

Teens have fresh and young minds that should be filled with more information to save themselves from substance abuse. They should be made aware of the impacts of this abuse to their lives so they’ll be guided.

Teens tend to experiment on a lot of things and affirm independence. In their growing years, they would want to follow the habits of their parents, try activities that their friends have tried and come up with an identity of their own. In this combination, drug and alcohol addiction is usually involved.

Young Years for Experimentation

Teens use prescription drugs, alcohol or club drugs during their teenage years. About 70 percent of high school students have consumed alcohol with their buddies. Young adults utilize or abuse substances due to some reasons. These could include pressure from peers, curiosity, acceptance, boredom, defiance, risk-taking behaviors, freedom, thrill-seeking activities, and pleasure.

For first time users, it can be a true fun to take an alcohol or utilize drug; however, they will display behavioral changes as they eventually get addicted to the substances. This condition will require substance abuse treatment services for intervention and treatment. Most teens who are into drug and alcohol abuse will not recognize the long-term impact of their condition to themselves, their loved ones and the community.

Health Effects of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

The body and mind can be more stressed when a teenager abuses drugs and alcohol. As the brain and body are still developing in the teenage years, a teen can suffer from minor impairments even for just one bottle of beer. But he can experience more detrimental effects like loss of memory and poor coordination when he abuses alcohol or drugs. The health effects of substance abuse may also include hallucinations, depressive disorders, mood swings, paranoia, irritability, suicide, automobile crashes, and homicide.

Substance Abuse and Crime

When teenagers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, some of them may start to steal or harm other individuals so they can have an access to the substance. The worst result is when they decide to leave their house, assault people or commit homicide to experience the high feeling again and avoid the pain of withdrawal signs and symptoms.

Drug and alcohol abuse can damage the lives of teenagers who are supposed to enjoy their developing years. While there are available drug treatment centers to seek assistance from, it is advisable to help teenagers avoid drug and alcohol abuse.

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