Withdrawal From Sedative Drug: Get A Helping Hand

July 10, 2012 0 Comments

Recent studies suggest the necessary help for those who are addicted to the sedative drug zolpiderm or commonly called Ambien or Ambien CR. The sad thing is that users of Ambient are not likely aware of their addiction to the drug until they try to stop taking it and suffer its withdrwal symptoms. That’s why this problem should not be neglected because it can worsen the situation.

The symptoms of people experiencing ambien abuse withdrawal right after they stop dosing zolpidem differ from patient to patient. They may include stomach pains or muscle aches, panic, sweating, depression, uncharacteristic or aggressive behavior, severe insomnia, suicidal thoughts, and nausea and vomiting, convulsions, hallucinations, and anxiety. It has been pointed out by medical experts that these symptoms should not be neglected.

If you noticed one or more ambien abuse side effects, you should not ignore them since many of them can ruin your life. Unfortunately, a number of patients are misdiagnosed and were prescribed more pills just to manage the symptoms. You have to be persistent in obtaining the right, appropriate health care for your Ambien abuse. Seek advice from a physician who has already treated a victim of withdrawal to Ambien and one who can control the situation successfully. You can find help for your addiction to Ambien same as when you find hope for a much better life. You may try searching other people with same case through the Internet. Support groups of individuals with similar or same addictions may be helpful for you as they can recommend you to detoxification centers, therapy centers, and doctors.

You may feel better when upon realizing that you’re not alone with your condition. You may even feel much better if you will find groups who give support with the kind of condition you’re suffering now. You may also feel comfortable in joining a detoxification program after knowing your drug addiction and finding a physician to lead you to the proper direction. This therapy program is medically supervised and designed to help Ambien addicts to cut their addiction. And the doctor who is an expert to Ambien addiction will lead them to a licensed rehab facility.

The growing number of people dependent on Ambien CR or Ambien is quiet alarming not just to the medical community, but to the public as well. And this should be addressed the as soon as possible so as not to make things even worst.

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