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June 27, 2012 0 Comments

There is a widespread tendency, going at least to back when Rene Descartes, explained that the mind and the human body are clearly distinguished and split up from one another. In truth, there are many instances of how one can be in great shape mentally and not physically like in the case of the incredible physicist Hawking, who has been paraplegic the vast majority of his life. Additionally, pop culture has sadly reinforced the mind-body dichotomy through stereotypes, such as those which unfortunately fuel the jocks versus nerds feuds so common in colleges.

In other words, society seems to be telling us that there are mind-oriented people and body-oriented people, and the two types usually do not get along. However, the truth is the mind and the body are intimately linked, and the condition of one affects the other. This interaction often takes the form of a cycle, hopefully a virtuous one. One example is the link between an active body and an active mind: exercise can help to stimulate the mind.

When you exercise, your heart is stimulated to pump more blood around your body, which in turn gets more oxygen and nutrients to your brain. This will, of course, get your mental processes moving faster. Exercise also releases neurochemicals that improve mood and increase alertness. Physical exercise also helps your brain clear waste more quickly, thus preventing the buildup of harmful by-products, such as certain proteins associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Physical exercise’s connection to mental acuity is even more important for people who are getting on in years. Experiments on laboratory mice large studies of human seniors indicate that exercise is the key to maintaining and/or slowing the deterioration of cognitive function as one gets older. A combination of physical and mental stimulation works best. Once again, the exercise need not be overly strenuous. A little walking or light calisthenics can do wonders if done regularly.

Of course, this does not mean that only seniors’ brains benefit from exercise. It is best to start young, so that the body gets used to exercise and is more likely to maintain fitness. People who have led quite sedentary lives are likely to experience faster physical deterioration, which means that as they get older, it will become much more difficult to do exercise and to reap its benefits.

The link between exercise and your mind also has to do with the emotional and psychological circumstances under which you work out. For example, one of the most common reasons for a mental block is actually anxiety and/or emotional stress. Exercise, which provides an outlet for this stress, can help us manage our negative feelings, and face tasks with clearer minds. In addition, exercise takes us out of a sedentary physical position, and may even necessitate a change in location. This simple physical stimulus can help wake up your brain. In other words, get out of your physical rut, and your brain will follow suit.

Of course, there are specific ways to make the most of the mental benefits of exercise. For instance, timing is crucial. If you exercise too soon before bedtime, your body may be geared up for activity, and you are likely to have trouble sleeping. This disruption in your sleeping cycle, especially if you have to get up early as well, can undercut the good effects of exercise, since a sleep-deprived brain is also likely to be slow and scattered.

Furthermore, as you beef up your exercise plan, try to look into other factors that may be causing mental bocks and slowness. For example, you may be anemic without being aware of it. If you have this or a similar ailment, knowing about it will put you in a better position to manage it.

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