Wound Care Products And Other Medical Items For Quicker, Better Mending

June 28, 2012 0 Comments

Every time individuals are told the term “wound” they would normally visualize simple cuts or scratches that mend in several days by using only a small amount of disinfectant and gauze. There exists, unfortunately, individuals for whom the word “wound” takes on a different definition: a break in the skin that will continue to be exposed for as long as necessary, never totally healed and forever susceptible for complications.

Such is the case for patients who have undergone colostomy, a surgical treatment wherein the end of the large intestine is drawn into a stoma-an orifice that links the body’s cavity with the outside environment-to supply another route by which feces can leave the body. Even though it is a difficult setup to bear, it may be required in certain cases, particularly if a portion of the large intestine should be “rested” for it to work at some point. In this instance, the colostomy is momentary, and intestinal function is reactivated when surgery returns the large intestines to its usual setup. For some patients, as in those who have undergone ablation of certain parts of the digestive tract because of cancer, the colostomy is everlasting. Nonetheless, in both situations the application of specialised wound care products is indeed obligatory.

Ideal wound care basically comprises of frequent cleaning to prevent the growth of bad organisms. For usual wounds, this can be achieved purely with water and soap. Nevertheless, presented with the special circumstances involving a stoma, making use of common soap is not approved. Cleaning a stoma may be performed using just warm water and a wash cloth, but gentle soap is permitted as long as it contains no oils, perfumes or deodorants which could upset the skin or keep the colostomy bag’s skin barriers from attaching to the skin.

Given that a stoma is no simple wound, colostomy supplies ought to be utilized to preserve the health of the skin and visible intestinal lining and also lessen some of the problems that arise with the use of a colostomy bag. Skin cleansers designed specifically for stoma care allows users to wash their wounds without using water or towels, making it possible for them to clean their stoma when necessary. Washers that can be administered on the skin help form a better coating on the stoma to prevent discharge of bag contents. Moisture-absorbing sachets may be settled inside colostomy bags to effectively drain it, stopping it from bulging or seeping. These are only some of the countless products that can assist those with a stoma live as natural a life as possible.

Illness can trigger surprising changes in people’s lives, and going through a colostomy can considerably affect one’s lifestyle. Having no charge over one’s bodily functions can make any person feel incompetent. Still, this does not mean that individuals with colostomies have to hide from life. By having continence care products that are custom-made for your special needs, you can bask in life and deal with everyday challenges like a real fighter.

For the reason that a stoma is no common wound, colostomy bags should be used to preserve the health of the skin and visible digestive lining.

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