Yeast Infection in Women

July 27, 2012 0 Comments

By Alex Yew

Yeast infection in case of women is a very normal condition. The prime reason for this is that since yeast breeds in moist, dark and warm places, the vagina is the perfect ground for it. Yes, the most common cases of the infection in women as that of vaginal thrush. It may also occur in arm pits, on the skin under the breasts, mouth etc but vagina or vulva is more prone to it. Since it happens in the genitals, women often misunderstand it and assume it may be some sexually transmitted disease or just regular itching. There are a few signs and symptoms that may help you identify if the condition is due to yeast.

If you see any of the signs below then you may be suffering from yeast infection:
Any soreness or redness in the area combined with slight itching. Severe itching and swelling or constant sogginess in the affected area. A cottage cheese like discharge which may or may not have an odor Pus like fluid in the infected area which may smell like stale bread or yeast. Swelling of the vulva or pain during intercourse in case of vaginal infection.

The immune system in your body works towards creating perfect balance between the positive and negative bacteria. If you have a weaker immunity then you are more prone to yeast infections. Many women have a common question on how to cure yeast infection. Before that you must know the causes of it because only when the source is known, can it be cured properly. Following are some of the causes:

Personal hygiene is one of the major causes for vaginal thrush. It may also be caused due to modern cosmetic sanitary products. Visiting public toilets which have not been maintained properly or swimming in the sea or lakes may also sometimes lead to such infections. Candidiasis is also common in women who eat a lot of sugar based foods or suffer from diabetes as the imbalance in blood sugar levels triggers the growth of the fungus. A woman’s body goes through several hormonal changes during pregnancy, puberty and menopause. These may also result in Candidiasis. Various steroids, hormone pills, contraceptives, birth control pills or heavy dose of antibiotics for a longer duration may also cause yeast infection. Undergarments made of nylon or lycra are not advisable as they retain moisture. Cotton ones are much more comfortable and ensure enough dryness and hygiene. Using latex based condoms or oil based and petroleum jelly based lubricants during intercourse can also lead to vaginal infection.

No matter what the cause, there is an effective yeast infection cure for sure. It is not a very serious condition and hence sometimes can be cured by a few home or natural remedies too. If you are not sure whether you are suffering from yeast infection or not, you must visit your doctor soon. There are many over the counter medicines too. The yeast infection treatment is easily available everywhere and is not very expensive too. Hence without being concerned of what people will think, you must visit the doctor to get yourself examined to avoid severe consequences.

Pregnant women need to take special care as they are more prone to yeast infections throughout the nine months. If you suffer from an infection just before your due date, chances are that your baby may contract the infection. Hence keep the genitals and even other parts of the body as dry and clean as possible. Follow a nutritious diet plan so that the body has strength to combat diseases. This will prevent the yeast from multiplying unexpectedly.

Hi, this is Alex. I am keen in helping people who have yeast infection problem. As a sportman (who tends to sweat a lot after a game and easily get skin related problems), I truly understand that you (people who have yeast infection problem) would like to find a cure for yeast infection problem as soon as possible.

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