Yeast Infection

July 18, 2012 0 Comments

By Alex Yew

There are many things one should be aware of whether you are undergoing the situation or not. When it comes to health, basic general awareness is a must. It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure and hence one must be aware of very common diseases or disorders which may lead to severe complications in the future. Yeast infection is one such condition and it is very necessary for everyone to know what it is whether you have suffered from it or not. For those who are not aware of what yeast infection is, it is time you gather as much information as possible.

Firstly, though it may be common in women, yeast infection can occur in males too. It can happen to anyone who has a weak immune system, people suffering from diabetes mellitus as they have a low recovery power, people who have been administered with antibiotics for a prolonged duration and also people who have external tubes fitted in the body especially mouth to treat certain conditions. Before you can understand how to cure yeast infection, it is important that you know what exactly it is.

Few people may know it as moniliasis or vaginal thrush or candidiasis. While most people ignore vaginal thrush assuming it is a regular condition, this can lead to severe consequences. Yeast infection is caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans and hence the name candidiasis. This fungus grows in moist areas of the body. Hence mouth and genital areas, the vagina (known as vulvovaginal candidiasis) or other parts of the skin can be infected with it. While there can be various reasons for the growth of this fungus and the yeast infection treatment is provided depending on the cause.

There are some people who misunderstand the yeast infection as some sexually transmitted disease when it occurs in the vagina, but that is a myth. A lot of warmth is also one of the reasons for yeast infection. This is why the genital areas or vagina is more prone to it as they are not exposed to a lot of fresh air through the day. However not everyone suffers from it. People with a stronger immunity system are able to combat the growth of the yeast and hence not prone to such infections. The first thing you must do when you feel the slightest of symptoms is to visit a doctor.

A natural remedy is to keep your body as healthy as possible and keep the moist areas dry. Do not opt for cosmetic and synthetic sanitary products as they too may promote the growth of yeast and lead to infections. The normal body is exposed to these fungi but an infection is caused only when they increase in number. Thrush is also a form of yeast infection and it occurs in the mouth. If you observe white lace patches in your mouth or tongue, you must visit the doctor as this infection can also lead to fever or other conditions. Armpits are also one more area where this infection is observed.

It is best to find the yeast infection cure as early as possible because there are severe stages of this too. If it spreads in the bloodstream and throughout the body, it is known as systemic candidal diseases and may lead to death of the individual too. If you suffer from yeast infections very often, it is an alarm for severe conditions like AIDS, leukemia or diabetes too. The condition is definitely curable and one must work towards prevention first. Hence it is important that everyone is aware what yeast infection is and its causes as well as treatments.

Hi, this is Alex. I am keen in helping people who have yeast infection problem. As a sportman (who tends to sweat a lot after a game and easily get skin related problems), I truly understand that you (people who have yeast infection problem) would like to find a cure for yeast infection problem as soon as possible.

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