You and Your Anxiety

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Anxiety can be defined as an unexplained and sudden feeling of anxiety and panic, weighting down like a thousand pounds on your head. The symptoms of a anxiety may be difficulty in breathing and accelerated heart beats. Dizzy and spinning feeling may also accompany an anxiety. Ignoring the light feelings and symptoms of anxiety would not help it in any way. Medical assistance should be taken as soon as possible.

It should be known by every individual how to overcome anxiety attack, just in case they ever experience it. It is very common, especially among teenagers and working class people to experience anxiety and anxiety in heightened periods of mood swings. There is no specific place or time as to when an anxiety may occur, because unlike the regular bouts of stress, these do not come and go with the conditions of society, work and other conditions. They can even occur in times when you are relaxed and do not feel tension. They can go on for more than thirty minutes when the condition is serious. Normal anxiety last for five to ten minutes and more prolonged forms can go on for fifteen or twenty minutes. It can be highly exhausting for the body during these few minutes when the body undergoes anxiety as they use up the energy of the body. An individual feels the tendency to vomit and your heart beat increases rapidly.

Just as every person has a different psychological set, similarly the cure for anxiety is different for every individual and the application for remedies for anxiety may have different effects on different people as well. Medication is the most preferred way of resolving this anxiety as they can happen anytime and anywhere and one can easily pop in a pill, like Xanax, to get help and with little trouble. However, it is best to research the effects of the particular medicine and consult your physician before buying any such medicine as these are a form of drug which could lead you to an addiction too. Anxiety treatment is done at various clinics and therapy clinics which apply various methods. Before adopting any kind of treatment measure or entering into any such program, please do ensure that whatever you are experiencing is actually anxiety disorder or anxiety. Many times, people take strong medication with side effects even if they have normal stress problems. Taking them may pose more problems than actually making you crave for it more and more. It can also bring about real anxiety and ultimately anxiety disorder by only taking the doses of the medicine which is actually meant to relieve you.

There are really very simple options for treatment for anxiety, many of which are natural. If you want quick results and can afford to risk minor side effects and have confidence in yourself that you can resist the addiction when your need from medication is over, you can opt for these kind of drugs and anti depressants. However it is illegal to buy anti depressants without a doctor’s advice and you should take care of that. Side effect free, but slower natural remedies may include taking massages and exercising at regular intervals and yoga. Chamomile drink has been regarded as a natural and effective de-stressing element, and the Chamomile flower has been regarded as natural anti depressant for centuries. Breathing in and out evenly and taking as much oxygen as possible in your body helps to loosen the body muscles and keep you fit. The situation is in your mind. If you learn to control your mind effectively, you will be easily able to overcome the anxiety.

Natural Treatment for Anxiety” is one of the best online free resources for people who have anxiety. People who have anxiety are recommended to use natural treatment with some medical treatment to cure anxiety.

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