Your Other Approaches To Stop Abuse Of Alcohol

August 3, 2012 0 Comments

Alcohol abuse is a medical problem that is serious and can result in acute diseases such as cirrhosis or worst death if left untreated. Although treatment options for alcoholism are now readily available, not all of them are successful as some of them can even be addicting. Which is why, more and more people are now using other options for its therapy.

Read through the article to learn more on alcohol rehab programs, specifically the other approaches to alcohol addiction therapy. The following therapy approaches are now commonly preferred by many because of their effectiveness.

Changes in Your Diet

The idea that metabolic dependency may come from too much alcohol use is the basis of alcohol abuse’s health approach. Desires for alcohol can be reduced through the adjustment of diet and the replacement of alcohol with slowly digested foods and refined carbohydrates. Nutritional therapy program suggests to cut out foods and eat more lean proteins. Other food supplements can also be used as people with health problems have insufficient primary nutrients.


The old Eastern medicine acupuncture becomes famous in the Western countries. This therapy includes needle insertion into specific location of the alcoholic’s body. Usually, acupuncture lessens the extent of the withdrawal signs of alcohol abuse, helps the body restore metabolism balance, and lowers anxiety and depression. All of these help minimize the cravings of alcoholics for alcohol based drinks.

Herbal Medication

Another approach for treating alcoholism is through herbal medicine. Practitioners of herbal medicine usually prescribe kudzu and thistle for alcoholism treatment. It is believed that milk thistle helps take out toxins from the liver and improves liver function, while regenerating the damaged cells of the organ. Sometimes, kudzu root is prescribed as a tincture or supplement to lessen desires of alcohol. Take into account that consulting a doctor first before taking any kind of herbal medication is imperative if you would choose to treat alcoholism through herbal therapy.

These alternative methods for the medication of alcohol abuse are there to serve as your choices if you can’t find other treatment programs successful and attainable. According to experts on either outpatient or inpatient alcohol program, these options are deemed essential should there be difficulties in dealing with the normal treatments. It is still up to the alcoholics to select the rehabilitation program that exactly fits their problem and one that can meet their medical needs and expectations.

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