The Appropriate Dosage Of A Pain Killer Medication

June 28, 2014 0 Comments

By Jackie Owens

Naproxen is a drug that’s widely used throughout the world. This drug is mainly useful to treat conditions like pain, fever, osteoarthritis, kidneys calculi, arthritis, cramps, inflammation, etc. The basic mode of action of this popular medicine is the inhibition of enzymes known as COX1 and COX2. In countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Canada it is approved as over the counter (OTC) drug. On the contrary, it’s still prescribed by the medical doctors in many countries of the world. Right now we will discuss about the Naproxen dose in depth.

How to take Naproxen dosage?

Naproxen sodium is classified as category of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or abbreviated as NSAID. If you’re planning to take this medicine, then you need to either follow the instructions given on the label or to talk to your personal doctor. Try to avoid using this drug for long periods. What this means is only stick to your doctor’s recommended dosage and do not ever try to cross that limit by yourself. It’s also good to know the exact dosage of Naproxen for some specific problem. This can decrease the chances of overdosing of the drug.

Is it safe to adjust Naproxen dosage on your own?

Like many other drugs in the world you cannot alter the dosage of Naproxen by yourself. You can’t decrease or increase its dosage without the doctor’s intimation. Normally overdose of the medicine might cause different side effects. So it’s not suggested to alter the dosage of the medicine by yourself.

What is the right Naproxen dosage?

It depends on the nature of the problem or ailment. Usually for mild to average pain 500 mg tablet is taken orally, which is then 250 mg oral tablet after approx . 7 hrs. Don’t exceed the recommended Naproxen dosage, which is 1.2 mg daily. If you are using a tablet that has extended release mode of action, then don’t try to chew or crush it. You have to swallow this tablet by using plain water. Crushing the tablet could make you upset with the quick release of the drug.

Naproxen dosage for muscular pain and irritation

If you’re consuming sustained release tablets, then dosage should be 375 mg to 500 mg 2 times a day. You can take 750 mg to 1 gram every day of extended release drug.

Naproxen dosage for gout treatment

For treating the gout problems initial dosage of this drug is commonly 750 mg. After initial consumption of the medicine, you can take 250 mg tablet every 7 hrs or until the adverse symptoms go away. It is good to take this medicine with plain water, milk or some sort of food because this prevents stomach upset problem.

Adverse side-effects due to over dosage

Side-effects due to the overdosing of the medicine may include nausea, vomiting, blood in stool, pain in the stomach, coughing, and so on. In case of any of these symptoms straight away seek advice from your doctor or physician. In case you forget to take your regular drug, then don’t attempt to make up the omitted dose. Just take your next dose on proper time.

In conclusion, we can say that Naproxen dosage should be consumed according to the given directions of your physician or doctor.

Be sure you visit Naproxen dosage to understand more about the correct dosage you should follow. Additionally, it is advisable to check with your doctor before using this drug in order to avoid any adverse effects of Naproxen.

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