Undertaking Detox Program To Treat Opiate Addiction

August 25, 2012 0 Comments

Synthetic painkiller Fentanyl is observed to be more powerful, in fact, 100 times more powerful than any other pain relievers. It is mainly used for managing severe post-surgery pain or in curing chronic pain in sufferers. It can also be used in curing individuals who are physically tolerant to opiates. But too much of it can become a health risk leading to addiction, which is now a growing issue in most countries. This triggers the introduction of the new medication approach for opiate dependency.

Detox treatment for Fentanyl is one way to make an addict’s body drug-free. This therapy approach serves as the initial stage of the whole treatment process for painkiller abuse. But you still have to take many aspects into consideration before undertaking drug detox. Among these aspects are your drug use history, age, psychiatric background, and current health conditions. The whole process can also be painful as you may have symptoms like aches, insomnia, hallucinations, shakes, chills, depression, and agitation.

It requires you from 3 days to 6 weeks, which is still subjected to the extent of the addiction and the kind of drug being misused. Be aware that you are more likely in need of health supervision if you have been addicted to the drug long before, especially if you consider it as treatment to control drug desires. You still have to give your brain more time in rebuilding connections modified during its use even when you are already drug free.

The latest of detoxification program is the availability of rapid detox program. It can be risky, but it definitely offers the only way of stopping the spiral of abuse. Under this program, the sufferer is placed under coma for about 10 hours to allow the body to withdraw from drugs. It assures the patient not to experience negative effects or suffer from pain while under coma. However, severe physical repercussions may occur during and after the treatment.

And for the success and effectivity of your detoxification, it is imperative that you too have to make modifications on your lifestyle. You have to keep yourself away from things or places that may only trigger your Fentanyl abuse. Exercise, proper eating habits, and sufficient sleep are necessary for successful detoxification. You should also need to disassociate yourself with friends you used to party and be surrounded with positive and good influences.

Moreover, medical science continues to seek safer withdrawal methods from addiction to meet the outbreak of drug usage.

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