How Skin Rashes Relate To Drug Addiction

May 10, 2015 0 Comments

Skin disorders are brought about by many factors. These types of factors can help us determine proper remedies in dealing with skin disorders. There are several types of skin diseases. These disorders differ in severity but they are generally preventable and curable.

Skin rashes are common especially among children. Heat, medication and genetic make-up can be considered as factors on why individuals have skin rashes. Simple and mild skin breakouts may only require natural home remedies and ointments to relieve the itchiness and prevent redness. Rashes which are caused by allergic reactions from medication used can be cured with anti-histamine. As the body responds to anti-histamine, the redness and rashes will go away in a few hours. Skin sensitivity can also be a factor in developing skin breakouts. Those who are genetically sensitive can develop skin rashes more frequently than those who are not sensitive. This is the reason why many skin products provide a variety of options to different people.

Individuals who are suffering from drug abuse may develop skin rashes and blisters. These skin problems may not be directly related to the usage of medications itself but just the same, drug abuse patients seem to present skin problems especially when they enter treatment. Inpatient treatment centers are aware of possible skin problems among incoming patients and so essential treatment is also important together with treatment. The most common type of skin diseases found among drug abusers are acne, blisters found in the face, neck, trunk, arms and extremities. Those who use injectable medications may also have bruises and rashes in areas where injection of the drug is made. Poor diet among drug abuse patients is also a contributing factor of the development of skin diseases.

Treatment programs recognize skin problems found among drug rehab patients and provide treatment to them. The use of topical creams, proper hygiene and good nutrition can alleviate skin diseases. Those who experience skin diseases that resulted from allergies towards medicine are also provided other options in order to prevent allergies. Allergic reactions are initially identified as part of evaluation before signing up for a rehab program. This is a good measure of prevention practiced generally by physicians.

Family history of skin diseases can also help in identifying the causes. Some severe cases of skin diseases may develop due to another underlying problem which originated from addiction. A concrete example would be skin illnesses due to HIV infection. HIV was acquired because of using drug injections passed from 1 user to another. The infection then lowers the immune system causing an individual to develop skin diseases that recur and won’t get healed. When skin disease is observed among patients, a much deeper investigation on the causes is also gathered other than the treatment of the skin disease alone. In this way, a comprehensive treatment plan can be provided to the patient.

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