Balance These 4 Hormones If You Want To Lose Weight

October 25, 2017 0 Comments

Lose Weight

Weight loss goes beyond exercising and having a healthy diet for everyone. No wonder! Most people have been struggling with weight loss despite checking the two factors mentioned. According to experts, hormones play a great role in weight loss. Female athletes are able to maintain a lean body since they take enhancement supplements like HGH & Peps en Musclesfax. However, any woman can encourage healthy weight loss if she balances the following hormones:


Estrogen dominance in women of any age can encourage weight gain. As much as this hormone is good to form feminine characteristics, too much of it is not recommended. As ladies get old and reach menopause, most of their hormone production decreases. Estrogen decreases at a lower rate than the others and, therefore, it is common for women at this age to add weight.

The trick to maintaining the best estrogen levels is to make sure that women balance with progesterone to avoid dominance of estrogen. Women are encouraged to do so by enjoying vegetables and reducing sugars. Processed foods and red meat consumption must also be minimized. With enough exercise and sleep on a regular basis, striking this balance is easy.


We all know that Leptin is responsible for telling the brain that we cannot eat any more. It is therefore crucial to have the fat cells produce Leptin in the right amount if ladies want to maintain a low weight. Due to the nature of the foods people eat nowadays, fructose (simple sugar) dominates, and the body stores it as fat. In turn, it leads to Leptin resistance and consequently overeating, which leads to weight gain.

Ladies can balance Leptin through reduction of foods with simple sugars. Also, foods like fish and other seafood have omega 3 oils, which are healthier for the body.


When it comes to regulating blood sugar, insulin plays a major role. When the insulin in your blood is off balance, losing weight becomes harder for women and men alike. Insulin has a hard time trying to clear excess sugar from the blood if people eat too much starch and sugary foods. If it is overwhelmed, it will store the rest as fats.

The best way to balance this hormone is by eating low glycemic carbohydrates and increasing the amount of proteins on your meals.


Not many people are aware of a hormone called cortisol. It is responsible for responding to stressful situations. So, the result is that it stores fats around the heart and other internal organs when produced in excess. This increases the chances of cardiovascular illnesses like the heart attack.

One of the best solutions is taking yoga, which encourages meditating. Also, vitamin B and magnesium supplements are of help in such a situation.


Weight loss through the balancing of the above useful hormones is very effective both for women and men where applicable. Any person can achieve this with ease if she or he is dedicated.

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