Natural Weight Loss vs. Diet Pills

Natural Weight Loss
October 15, 2016 0 Comments

Are weight loss supplements necessary for your weight loss goal? Do you really need pills, herbal extracts, or any other supplement to achieve your dream physique?

It is very difficult to get an honest and objective answer to this question. Most people who write about weight loss supplements and drugs are those who benefit from selling them. As a result, they are trying to make you believe that weight loss supplements are a necessary component for every weight loss program and even that diet supplementation can work well on its own (and you can eat all you want ? blah, blah). This is not the truth. This is simply the answer from which they make profits.

Weight loss supplements are NOT a necessary component of any weight loss program; they are not a “must have” element. You can lose fat at incredible (and healthy) rates without using any kind of fat burners. They can be used to only improve your existing program, not to replace it. Many companies try to make you believe they have “the magic pill” that makes you burn fat while sleeping and while eating whatever you want. This is the pill we all are looking for. Nobody likes dieting and sweating in the gym. Nobody likes counting calories and following strict exercise routines. But this is the only way to get rid of those ugly pounds of excess body fat. I know what I am talking about because I tried for years to lose weight without any success. I tried every possible weight loss product but without results. Finally, I decided to try the hard way. I got a good weight loss nutrition and exercise program that promised gradual, healthy and long-term weight loss (not “lose 10 pounds in 2 days”-type results). And I lost 70 pounds and now feel great. It was not easy but the visible results I was getting helped me to keep going. During this period I did not take any diet pills or any other kind of weight loss supplements.

I’m not saying weight loss supplements can’t help you at all. In many cases they can improve the effect of your weight loss program and boost your results if you know how to use them. But you should learn first how to achieve “natural weight loss” (with proper nutrition and exercise) before thinking about taking supplements.

As you see, the key to effective fat burning is proper nutrition and exercise. When eating and exercising correctly, you can convert your body into a fat-melting machine without any kind of “miracle” products. Here you have some basic instructions:

Calorie Balance

You probably know that in order to lose fat, you should burn more calories than consume. But if you cut your calories too much you will shut down your metabolism, which definitely is not desirable when trying to lose weight. So your goal is mild calorie restriction from food (200-300 kCal below maintenance level) to keep your metabolism fast.

Since there are 3500 kCal in a pound of fat, you will need great calorie deficit to lose weight at acceptable rates. To achieve such a deficit (500-1000 kCal/day) you have to use exercise, which will increase your metabolic rates even more.


* Spread your meal intake into 5-6 small protein-rich meals during the day.
This will boost your metabolism and promote better nutrient absorption. All of your meals should have plenty of lean protein (egg whites, chicken breast, lean red meat, seafood, fish, etc.), complex carbs (brown rice, oatmeal, whole grains, legumes, lentils, kidney beans, mushrooms, etc.) in moderation, and small amount of good fats (flaxseed, olive, sunflower, soybean and fish oils).

* Opt for natural foods
Processed foods contain additives and sodium. Additives are bad for your liver, which is the main fat-burning organ in your body. If your liver is overloaded, you just stop burning fat. You should eat more natural, unprocessed foods; raw fruits and vegetables; grains; and seeds to get rid of toxins easier and promote better liver function.
Water bottle

* Drink plenty of water
Water suppresses appetite and helps your body metabolize the fat. When fat is burned, many fat-soluble toxins are freed and you need plenty of water to get rid of them. In addition, drinking water fights fluid and salt retention and will help you look and feel better.

* Avoid carbs before bedtime
Carbs are the main fuel for your body. When they are not used for energy your body stores them as fat. If you eat carbs before bedtime this is exactly what happens, because your energy needs are very low while sleeping. In addition, during deep sleep is when your body produces human growth hormone (hGH), which promotes fat burning. If your blood sugar level is high (due to the carbs consumed) insulin will be released to lower it and insulin is known to inhibit the production of hGH and its beneficial effects.

* Cut down on saturated and trans fats
These are not only fattening but very dangerous for your general health too. Saturated and trans fats can cause raised blood cholesterol, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and other serious health conditions.
Exercise Bicycle

Cardio exercise is the best known method to directly burn the stored fat. If you want real, long-term results, cardio exercise should be a “must do” element of your weight loss program. At the beginning you might want to choose the easiest form of cardio: walking. Start walking for 40-60 minutes a day for a week. When you get used to walking, start more intensive cardio training, like jogging or cycling. A good duration is between 30 and 40 minutes per session. Do it three or four times a week, and you will start to notice the effect immediately. Later, you may want to change your routine and do it every day. This noticeably will improve your results.

If you add weight training to nutrition and cardio you get the magic combination that will make you naturally burn fat at incredible rates.


By now you realize that you don’t need a pill or any kind of diet products to successfully lose weight. The secret to healthy, long-term results is natural weight loss (nutrition and exercise). By combining these two elements, you can convert your body into a fat-burning factory. You must understand the only thing that stops your success is your own will. YOU, AND ONLY YOU, should decide to start losing weight and motivate yourself to achieve the best results. So stop looking for the easy way and take the first step to a better and healthier life!

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