Hair Replacement Surgery

September 10, 2015 0 Comments

By Nick Dimakos

Baldness can occur for lots of explanations and can easily not be prevented. For instance, hair loss could take place due to genetic coding for pattern baldness, an usual event in men. Additional reasons can consist of aging, worry, or changes in hormones. Baldness can be awkward and unattractive, many seek a method to reverse the effects of hair loss. Some techniques are only temporary, such as medicated creams, while others can be more of a long-term answer. One such option is hair replacement surgical treatment.

Hair replacement surgical treatment, or hair transplantation, is a method of combating pattern hair loss by taking hair follicles from a part of the body that is not experiencing hair loss and moving those follicles to the areas that are balding. The website where hair is taken from is called the contributor site, and the area that gets the transplanted hair follicles is called the recipient website. Typically, men utilize this method to change hair in different locations of the body, featuring scalp, chest, and even the groin area. Hair replacement surgery can easily additionally be utilized to remedy balding due to scars created by accidents or surgical treatments. The origins of this treatment date back to the 19th century.

Hair follicles typically consist of up to four hairs, developing a natural-looking grouping to the naked eye. Doctors generally use these natural groupings for the transplants to give the very best outcomes. In order to collect the follicles, surgeons can easily use one of two contemporary approaches. The very first method is called strip harvesting, and is done by removing a strip of skin including numerous hair follicles and then creating smaller grafts to put onto the balding website. The treatment is done with regional anesthesia and the site is sewn together to conceal the missing strip. The 2nd method is much less invasive and calls for no removal of stitches. This approach is called follicular unit extraction, and is done by using a very small “punch” to remove the individual hair follicles and then reinsert them into the balding website. Little scars may happen at the punch sites.

Given that the treatment includes removal of skin and sutures or little leaks that break the skin, post-operative care is necessary in order to avoid infections. Blood and other fluid could permeate from the removal sites and ought to be correctly dressed. The dressing should be changed and the website washed per instructions provided by the medical professional, typically as soon as or more per day. Direct sunlight exposure is not recommended. Additionally, the customer should not wash the hair or scalp until at least one day after surgery. Possible side effects can occur right away and over time. Typically, the transplanted hair follicles will certainly lose their hair in the very first 10 days after the transplant procedure. This sensation is known as shock loss. Over the next few months, hair will begin to expand back on its own and fill in the bald areas. This procedure can use up to 9 months. Even with proper care, hair replacement surgical treatment is not long-term. Numerous customers elect to utilize treatments to prevent hair loss or plan for added surgeries in the future.

Baldness could not be preventable, but it can be reversed making use of hair replacement surgical treatment techniques. Prospects must talk with their physician about the options that are readily available. The prospect must also deal with the doctor to set realistic expectations for the outcome and to understand the feasible post-operative effects that can easily occur, including planning for future maintenance procedures. A lot of significantly, the prospect ought to follow all directions given by the doctor for pre – and post-operative care to ensure the very best outcomes and the least amount of discomfort.

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