The Diet Saboteurs

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It’s easy to let celebrations ruin an eating plan-unless you are smart to these hidden traps.

  • Eating to the beat:

An American study found that people who dined while listening to fast music ate about five forkfuls of food per minute, compared to only three forkfuls during slow music or four forkfuls when no music was playing. Those who ate quickly were also more likely to go back for a second.  Tip: If can’t change the background tempo, remember to put down your fork between each mouthful of food.


  • Plate envy:

Another overseas study examined the eating logs of hundreds of subjects. When participants ate in company, they consumed roughly 44 per cent more kilojoules than if they ate alone. The more people sitting round the table, the more food the person would eat. It seems that watching others hoe into all manner of delicacies you normally forbid yourself might cause you to abandon usual eating rules. As you also linger longer, you’re more likely to order a dessert or an extra drink. Short of becoming a hermit, you need a firm battle plan. “At a party, don’t be the first person at the smorgasbord,” suggests nutritionist Rosemary Stanton. ” Then fill your plate with the vegetables and green salad first. “At a restaurant? Ask for your plate to be removed when you’re full so that you don’t keep picking. Entertaining at home? Store left-overs straight away and you’ll be less likely to nibble while cleaning up. ” Organise group get together’ s that centre on an activity such as a night at the cinema, rather than a night at a restaurant, ” adds Stanton.


  • Spoilt for choice:

Ever laughed while watching  Homer Simpson lose total self control in all-you-can-eat-restaurant? It’s not his fault. The problem is not just that no-one is monitoring the size of the serves. Studies show that when people eating in cafeterias are given a wide selection of food from which to chose, they consume more than if they have limited choices.





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