A Quick Look At The Most Widespread Health Problems In Today’s World

March 29, 2014 0 Comments

By Gary Spencer

Health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing. Good health is due to a healthy lifestyle i.e. all of the parts of the body functioning properly without any discomfort and free of problems. Everybody in the world needs to take care of their own health and not ignore any health issues otherwise it may lead to adverse consequences. Problems can take place as a result of changes in our lifestyle and a decrease in body resistance. Regular check-ups and visits to the doctor are very important for keeping healthy.

There are many common health problems in today’s world which almost all of us are facing. Common problems include diabetes, obesity, heart stroke, allergies, backache besides other body pains.


Diabetes is among the most most common medical conditions .It is a metabolic disorder, a disease which occurs as a consequence of a higher level of blood sugar within the body caused by less or no production of insulin within the body. Insulin is known as a hormone produced and secreted by the pancreas. Blood Sugar levels are increased after eating food and thr pancreas help to release the necessary amount of insulin in the blood stream with the intention to maintain correct blood sugar levels in the body. In diabetics the glucose level is increased within the body resulting from low or improper use of insulin and this condition is known as hyperglycaemia.

Hypertension and Heart stroke

Hypertension is known as a condition in which the patient has high blood pressure levels in the arteries; this is also common in today’s world. Arteries are the organs that carry blood from the heart to all the tissues and also the other areas of the body. If the pressure is increased the heart must work harder to pump which could sometimes bring on heartstroke, heart attack, renal failure and heart failure. Blood pressure in the arteries is elevated when the person has hypertension. Normal blood pressure measures at 120/80. Common causes for hypertension are smoking, obesity, diabetes, high level of salt intake, insufficient physical activity, stress as well as others. One must lessen the intake of sodium if troubled with hypertension.


Health issues associated with weight at the moment are very common, especially in Western countries like the United States and Europe. Maintaining weight is an extremely important aspect for good health and helps one feel good and have more energy to complete daily routine work. Being overweight or obese leads to an elevated risk of developing other health issues which include heart stroke, hypertension, diabetes, breathing problemsand others. Obesity is a condition in which one has extra body weight or extra unwanted fat. Teenage obesity is among the major problems in today’s world which is occurring attributable to excess intake of unhealthy foods, improper nutrition,not enough physical exercises, drinking a lot of sugary syrups and soda based drinks etc.


Asthma is a disease associated with the lungs which brings about difficulty in breathing and it is very common both in young and old people. It is caused by allergies, respiratory infections, chemicals, smoking, seasonal changes etc. One must avoid those things which irritate the lungs such as smoking and ultizing odour perfumes. Signs and symptoms of asthma include a wheezing cough, difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath, tightness in the chest and frequent cough.


Allergies can occur at any age. It might be attributable to climate change, increase in pollution, exposure to dust or exhaust gases from vehicles. Allergies can bring about itching, rashes and redness of the skin. Some allergies can also be attributable to food.

There are a few health problems associated with just one gender. As an example in women the most prevalent problems include backache, joint aches, survical pain due to an irregular menstrual cycle, breast cancer, vaginal infections, calcium deficiency, depression and many others. In males stress and hypertension can be quite common.

Gary Spencer is a medical expert and writer. He has written articles about diabetic neuropathy symptoms here and fibromyalgia symptoms in women

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