What is your Ideal Breast Size ?

January 15, 2016 0 Comments

What is your ideal breast size? surely you will love to know which breast size will suite your body. Mostly cup size is what women think matters but that’s not true. The perfect breast size depends on what you like best as well as your body size. Different cup sizes are not as relevant as the breast size relative to your body size.
What if there would be some system to check which breast size will suit or shape will suit your body well. And in what will be your look in different breast sizes and body shapes ? Unfortunately that’s not possible as far as real life is concerned. As one has to acquire a body shape and particular breast size after a very hard effort. And what if that resulted figure don’t suit you? Yes that’s a risky and hard thing to do.
ideal breast sizeBut now there is a way through which you can actually configure your breast size and check how it will look. On viral3d breast config you can check what is your ideal breast size. There are a lot of features in it. Best of all being a 3D you can check the body shape you have configured from all possible angles. You can not only increase or decrease breast size in it but also Pointiness, fullness, firmness and weight of the Female 3D model in it. After each configuration you will see a different shape of female body effected by the changes you made.
So it becomes much more easier for you to see what would be the ideal figure you would like for your own body.Instead of trying it on yourself by trying to gain weight or lose weight or trying to have a different breast size with a lot of effort and hectic. Now Viral3d has made it all easier and simple to check . Just open the viral3d breast config , increase/decrease the breast size , its firmness or the body weight and here you go. Assume its you and check the 3d model from every angle and finalize yourself what would be your target to get your body into.

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