A Few Of The Symptoms Of Love Addiction

August 25, 2012 0 Comments

Some individuals can be doubtful whether or not an individual’s spiritual, emotional and physical well-being can be influenced by the human emotion called love. According to some people, falling in love with a person is actually a moderate type of mental issue as a person’s personality and habits can be instantly changed by such feeling.

Definitely, any person can fall in love but for some this can even become an addiction that can cause damaging psychological and physiological side effects if an individual is not able to manage his feelings. Some addiction recovery specialists say that an individual who is addicted to love puts himself at risk as he tends to pursue relationships that are unsafe or improper.

The way a person who is addicted to love stimulates the emotions of sex and love is comparable to how a drug abuser experiences the high feeling when he uses heroin. This emotional level is not the same as what an average person is likely to feel if, for example, he meets an attractive acquaintance. It is possible for a healthy person to be emotionally or intimately attracted to another person; however, he may not be keen to meet him or imagine having an intimate relationship with that person. A love addict often sees his love in an idealized manner especially in terms of offering personal approval. There is a tendency for a healthy individual to feel hurt when someone rejects his proposition; however, for a love addict, it is already a kind of unfaithfulness.

Sexual or love addiction can be recognized through severe separation anxiety. A love addict may breakdown emotionally and physically when he is away from his sexual or romantic partner. Some love addicts may start to imagine situations wherein his partner is being with someone else or he may also think of ending their relationship. According to addiction treatment specialists, even people who have healthy relationships can have irrational thoughts but those who are addicted to love are usually passionate about their partner until their relationship breaks.

People who are addicted to love can benefit from available recovery programs that are intended for their specific condition. A lot of these programs are based on the 12-step programs. A love addict who is in the process of recovery is likely to be asked to quit or control his connection with the past or present romantic partner while he is undergoing treatment.

Counselors who cope with love addicts explore their patients’ personal history in order to reveal any possible connection to their behavior at the present. Most recovering love addicts are advised to recognize some triggers that could cause self-destructive conditions or unhealthy relationships.

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