Apex Can Help You Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

December 1, 2016 0 Comments

If you’re struggling to hit your health & fitness goals Apex can help. Dave Bohr owner of Apex has worked with thousands of people over the years and have been doing this longer than most people realized it existed with a lot of success. His routines are tailored specifically to you, your goals, resources, limitations, and desires.

A Sample of Customized Diet Plan by Apex
A Sample of Customized Diet Plan by Apex


Each package includes a customized:

* Weight Training Routine
* Cardio & Core Routine
* Customized Diet & Meal Plan
* Supplement Plan
* Unlimited 24/7 Support
* Physical Stat, Diet, Workout, Cardio/Core Logs
* Bi-Weekly Check-ins
* Peak-Week 7 day plan — 1 week prior to show (For competitor’s only)
Contact for a free price quote & consultation!

Apart from that Dave is very active on IG as well. He has uploaded some of the healthy meals he has cooked to his Instagram account. So you can follow him on his IG Account and stay updated

A Screenshot of What You Can Have on Apex IG



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