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December 11, 2017 0 Comments

Over- 40 for many men is the time when body parts start to wear out, spread out, thin out, ache, grow limp or thicken which all serve to highlight the fact that their youthfulness and potency is slipping away and reveal the stark reality of the mortality of their life.

And it seems there is no other indicator that so strongly drives home that message than a diminishing sex-drive!

Most men see any form erectile dysfunction has a threat to their potency, to their ability to have control of their life, and striking at the very core of what it means to be a man. After all, their sexual performance has been something they could always count on to bring pleasure, to be the source of their fantasies and a powerful expression of their vitality, virility and youthful stamina.

Making matters worse can be the fact that their partner has discovered enhanced sexual drive and desires just at the time they feel they are losing theirs. Fears creep in that they can no longer deliver the performance their partner desires and they start withdrawing from, even avoiding, sexual intimacy.

Now for the good news…  it doesn’t have to be that way!

You are about to discover how you can enjoy good sexual health and dynamic performance at any age and for as long as you choose.

You are about to get access to a groundbreaking course designed to help you do. It is the ‘first-of-its-kind’ guide to complete sexual success and dynamic, positive life transformation whatever your age.


The course is COMPLETELY FREE and will be progressively presented through download links on my Twitter account so you don’t need to supply any contact information… although I’d be very pleased if you ‘like’ it, ‘re-tweet’ it and generally tell others about it!

Before you start the course I want you to realise just how special you are!

In fact, you have awesome power even if at the moment you are perhaps feeling you are at a crossroads and not sure which way to go!


Don’t believe me…? Well, I can prove it to you right now!

The Irrefutable Fact… You are Awesome!
Imagine if you knew absolutely everything you needed to enjoy a lifetime of dynamic health and extraordinary sexual performance. How good would that feel!

Each day would be a joy to be alive. You’d delight in unlimited sexual pleasure, be confident, self-assured and eager to explore what life had to offer… If only you knew the secret!

Well, you do! That’s not only a fact but, as you are about to discover, is a fact supported by absolutely irrefutable proof!

Let me try to explain… I’ve called this the magic of you.

In the single cell that was once you there is a complete copy of your DNA (your genetic blueprint) which contains about 24000 genes. It is these genes that are the key to a cell’s body-building functions.  In simple terms, genes can either be silent or active. Switching on a gene can force a cell to create proteins which can become body parts. Turning off a gene can repress protein creation and so help change the shape of a particular part.

Genes often work in combination and different combinations create different body parts.  For example, one combination may make the cell become a brain neuron another, a hair on your head another, a bone in your foot and so on. If a combination becomes fixed then when the cell subdivides the characteristics are retained.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too bogged down in genetics as my main purpose is to show you that the whole process of creating you was an inside job. The cells take their instructions from your genes and get to work doing their allocated job. There is no outside interference, no-one bossing them around, they know what they have to do and exactly how to do it.

This revelation is fact. It is the absolute irrefutable truth of the creation of you. You are an ’inside job’. Isn’t that simply stunning? Surely the ultimate DIY project! Every time I think about it I’m filled with AWE!

But why is all that important for you?  Well, it’s not difficult to accept that if the cells hold all the knowledge and wisdom to build you from scratch all by themselves, then the job of keeping you fit, virile and sexy… should be a mere ‘stroll in the park’ for your body.

But sadly it doesn’t seem to be the case… In fact, the first question that many men ask is “If I already know how to be bursting with dynamic physical health, mental agility and unstoppable sex drive, how come I’m not?”

The answer is simple… “You don’t know how to tap into your reservoir of cellular intelligence and use it transform your physical and mental health, sexual performance and your life”. The fact is that if you can tap into, stimulate and optimise that incredible resource you not only stay healthy, vital and virile at any age but can use it to create and live your life the way you want.

Over the next several weeks you are going to learn and practice exactly how to do that!

Believe me, it will be one of the most exciting and revealing journeys you will ever take in your life!


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