What You Need To Know About Genetic Counsellors

August 24, 2012 0 Comments

By George Kleban

Medical doctors, by themselves, are extraordinary and experienced pros who selected a profession of assisting other individuals and aid in the therapy of abnormalities and distress in their bodies. Significantly admiration is due because they exert critical quantities of time and work to specialize inside the craft they chose, generating them unquestionable specialists in how a physique operates. But as able as they’re, they cannot control every little thing by by themselves. When abnormalities and discomforts come up because of hereditary causes, medical doctors depend on more area-specific professionals to help them in the diagnosis in their patients’ sickness. 1 this kind of area-specific expert is a genetic counselor.

Genetic counselors work in the medical genetics and counseling sector of the healthcare industry. They help people, both ordinary citizens and doctors, make decisions for the due course of treatment, based primarily on their genetic history. Oftentimes, people consult genetic counselors before starting a family, especially those who have a clear history of genetic disorders running in their families. These Genetic counselors will determine whether the offspring, or child, will be inheriting certain disorders running through their families, through a variety of tests, including, but definitely not limited to, gathering and analyzing the family history of both parents and running diagnostic tests. Doctors also consult genetic counselors for a more accurate basis of their diagnoses and treatment recommendations based on their initial finding on the medical history of patients.

Genetic counseling has become more and more popular due to modern science, technology, and an increased awareness of genetic disorders. They are experts who not only deal with genetic disorders, but are natural counselors who must be able to help guide a newly started family, or an existing one that is facing problems with an inherited disorder. Oftentimes, these professionals come from backgrounds ranging from social workers to psychologists. Genetic counselors must undergo a specialized graduate degree and have practical experience in genetics, psychology, and public health to name a few.

Career opportunities for genetic counselors are also abundant. U.S. News and World Report named genetic counseling as one of the best careers in 2009. These professionals also earn respectable and competitive salaries. The range of their pay will almost always be affected by the institutions they work in. Usually they are based in doctor’s offices, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, biotech companies, public health agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities.

Genetics is a field one can specialize in. And those who choose it as a profession can opt to become Genetic Counsellors.

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