The Road To Recovery Following Breast Augmentation

April 21, 2018 0 Comments

With so many “perfect” bodies on magazine covers, films and television shows around the world, some women feel the need for enhancement. By increasing their breast size, women everywhere are getting the bodies they want. Breast augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery that involves the placement of implants to improve breast shape and size.

If you have decided that breast augmentation is right for you, there are a few things to keep in mind in regards to recovery time following the procedure. Breast augmentation is a serious form of cosmetic surgery, so you should expect Dr. McGuire to insist that you limit your level of activity for a while.

Following surgery, you should be able to return to work with little pain in less than week. The recovery times will vary from one patient to the next depending on a number of factors, such as:

Placement of the implant, either over or under the chest muscle Patient health and current physical condition Implant size Patient’s tolerance level for pain Prior pregnancies During the recovery period, Dr. McGuire may recommend that you avoid any heavy lifting, strenuous exercise or enthusiastic sexual activity for two to three weeks. This will allow your incisions to heal properly and reduce scarring. In addition, your body will be more equipped to fight off infection, allowing the wounds time to close properly and reduce swelling faster. Within six months after your cosmetic surgery, the incision site should be nothing more than small scar lines.

Save the lacy lingerie and string bikinis until your breast augmentation has had time to heal. Lacy bras and those with underwire will cause pain following your surgery. Therefore, it is best to stick to sports-style bras that are not too tight, but will gently hold your breasts in place.

As you recover, it is important to keep moving. Although activity should be limited, you need to keep your blood flowing to aid in the healing process; however, it is important not to overdo it.

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