3 Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks

August 5, 2012 0 Comments

If you thought it would cure your panic attacks you would probably be willing to call in Dr. Bombay from “Bewitched” to give you some eye of newt and the feather of a snowy owl. Fortunately, finding natural remedies for panic attacks is a lot easier than finding supernatural ones and they don’t even involve a black cauldron.

Exercise as a Natural Remedy for Panic Attacks

It’s no surprise that exercise it good for you. For panic attack sufferers, exercise can be a scary proposition. Strenuous exercise can bring on feelings that mimic panic attack symptoms. Your heart rate increases. You perspire. Your breathing may become shallow. For some, the fear of panic attacks can bring on a panic attack during exercise.

Therefore, it sounds odd to suggest that exercise is one of the most effective panic attacks natural remedies. Walking, swimming, biking and strength training are just a few forms of exercise that may be beneficial in reducing your anxiety levels.


Natural remedies for anxiety attacks don’t have to be a chore. Relaxation techniques are very beneficial for conquering these attacks.

* Massage–As if you needed an excuse for getting a massage, here it is. The relaxing benefits of massage put it in the category with other natural anxiety treatments.

* Warm bath–A warm bath as a home remedy for panic attacks really needs no explanation. So, fill up the tub and hop in.

* Yoga–Yoga teaches deep breathing exercises and help you eliminate negative thought patterns.

* Meditation–Meditation helps you focus on the present. It also teaches breathing exercises that can help you stop an attack before it starts.

* Music–Listening to the right music can lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety.


Much of the food you are consuming may be contributing to your disorder. A diet overhaul is a highly effective remedy.

* Refined sugar–Refined sugar affects your blood sugar and can contribute to mood swings.

* Caffeine–Caffeine is a known stimulant. If there’s one thing someone who is prone to panic attacks doesn’t need, it’s a stimulant. Decrease your caffeine consumption gradually, to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

* Alcohol–Alcohol can heighten feelings of depression. If you want to have an occasional drink, that is fine, but be careful about going overboard. Be aware that alcohol is also dehydrating. Your brain and nervous system need a lot of water to function optimally.

* MSG–MSG can cause serious allergic reactions, which result panic attack symptoms.

* Salt–Salt can increase blood pressure and deplete your body’s store of potassium. A diet high in salt can leave you susceptible to panic disorder.

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