A Fair And Balanced Look At The Authenticity Of Fish Oil Benefits For Hair Growth

August 11, 2012 0 Comments

The United States Food and Drug Administration doesn’t usually recommend natural remedies, and yet they actually do propose that men and women either increase the amount of oily fish they consume, otherwise they ought to give some thought to having health supplements which contain omega-3 fatty acids. When you have a look at the FDA website, you’ll discover they released their official notice on September 8, 2004. In the official announcement, they confirm that there is insurmountable evidence to suggest that a diet plan high in omega-3 may go a considerable way in preventing coronary heart disease.

We have also observed from several other research studies, that behavioral troubles in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder improved quite a lot after they were given daily fish oil supplements. In fact, one medical study that was conducted in Australia found fish oil to be more effective than a couple of the major ADHD prescription medications.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are also considered to be beneficial to one’s joints, although to be totally truthful, additional research still needs to be done. As of at this point, there doesn’t appear to be any sort of definite evidence to suggest that daily supplements can be a simple yet effective treatment for conditions such as osteoarthritis, even while scores of arthritis sufferers think fish oil does help.

So, what about advantages of fish oil for hair growth? Could it be that easy for a bald man to restore his head to its previous splendor? To date, you cannot find any conclusive evidence to support this, and let’s be realistic, it’s easy to see why. If you could possibly get all your hair back by merely having a couple of reasonably priced supplements, I doubt you’d ever see another bald guy again.

With all that being said, it seems to be there is indeed a bit of truth in reports regarding omega-3 fatty acid benefits for hair growth. For example, fish oil contains iron, and iron in turn delivers oxygen to hair roots, thereby resulting in much better growth. Whether it results in new growth is not yet thoroughly understood. Some argue that it does, while others state that far more research is needed before we can be 100% certain.

Irrespective of what specialists may have to say, huge numbers of people all over the world know beyond all doubt that top quality fish oil supplements can certainly benefit one’s hair, and they know this due to the fact that they’ve actually witnessed it with their own eyes. Still, skeptical? Just give your family dog or cat fish oil, in natural form or supplement form, and observe how their coat improves. Within just a matter of days it will more than likely be shining like never before, which tells me there must certainly be some correlation between omega-3 fatty acids and hair.

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