Abuse Of Prescribed Drugs On The Rise

August 1, 2012 0 Comments

Prescription medications refer to drugs that require recommendation from doctors before use. They are utilized for therapy to many mental and physical problems. The use of these medicines is monitored because they have high risk of addiction and body tolerance. Prescription drugs are also classified according to the effects it has to our body. Some of these medications are considered stimulants because their effects create alertness and increase feelings of well being and comfort. Some medications are also called depressants and they are often used to level down and control anxiety and insomnia.

There are many prescription drugs in the market that have been used other than for treatment. The euphoric effects including alertness, greater focus and attention and wakefulness even at night make some prescription drugs extremely attractive to many college students. Taking these drugs allow them to be alert during heavy studying for major examinations. Some medications are also used as party drugs, giving young people extra energy to enjoy the night without the fatigue. A recent study has shown that many mothers also abuse prescription drugs in order to cope with the demands of child rearing and keeping a household. The energy boost after intake allows them to finish all chores and other household tasks making them feel like a superwoman.

The cases of abuse of prescription drugs are on the rise in the past five years. From the examples earlier mentioned, the demands of better performance in school and at home push many to engage in drug abuse as a means of added strength. The effects in the long run however are dangerous and fatal. When addiction is severe, the worst to happen to anyone is early death. The immediate gratification of strength and wellness dominates reason and the underlying negative consequences are left to be discovered too late.

Dealing with any addiction problem isn’t easy but there’s way to save individuals from being a slave to drugs forever. Rehab for drugs is a means to help addicts and their families obtain hope in the fight against drug addiction. It’s proven that prevention is better than cure but when cure is the only option, it’s way much better than not doing anything at all. Knowing the causes of abuse can contribute greatly towards effective rehabilitation. Assessment of the addiction will determine the kind of program to take for those who suffer from this problem. Continuing care is also very essential to avoid going back to addiction. For many centers, the involvement of families and other loved ones in the entire treatment process can greatly improve an addict’s chances of better healing. A life free from drug addiction can be obtained through proper assessment and treatment along with great support from family members.

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