Abuse Of Prescription Drugs Is Greater Cause Of Death Than Heroin Abuse

July 16, 2012 0 Comments

If you have confessed to yourself that you are addicted to alcohol and drugs, that is a sign you’ve taken the 1st step to getting better. During this time period you should not stay alone and try to deal with this chronic disease on your own. You should request for support from friends, family and specialists.

Registering for detox program can be the smartest decision you have ever made in your life. During this time period you will be examined by doctors.If required, they will prescribe you medicines for coping with the symptoms, you may eventually show like paranoia, seizures, vomiting, sweats, hallucinations, tremors as well as nausea. If you have realized your problem in the first stage, then you may not face withdrawal symptoms. You should be aware that withdrawal symptoms vary for every person. You may have one symptom, or you may have to endure all of them.

When you enter drug and alcohol rehab center the first thing professionals do is known as “initial assessment”. The doctor will ask you different questions about past medical conditions, when did you last visit a health professional, do you take any drugs presently, for how long you have been taking drugs or alcohol, what have caused this problem, what is your education, do you have any close ones who can help you during this difficult period in your life, etc. Determining when the problem has begun is the most vital step of your treatment. The majority of people do not realize that drugs and alcohol serve them as a substitute to something they have lost in the past. If they have lost their parents or broke up with a person they really love, they’re trying to forget about it by consuming alcohol and drugs. The 1st time they use drugs and alcohol, they feel as it has set them free from a terrible burden.

After the 1st medical assessment, a special plan will be developed for your rehabilitation. You’ll have frequent appointments with a psychologist and you will talk about your problems. You will have meetings with other people who have the same problem. Finding that you’re not alone when coping with this chronic disease, can be quite relieving. You have got to plan your future, to set your objectives so as to have a reason to go on with your life.

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