Addiction That Grows From Prescription Drugs

July 6, 2012 0 Comments

There are quite a number of medications out in the market for lack of sleep and one of the more commonly prescribed prescription drugs is Ativan. Physicians prescribe this medication for people who are suffering from sleeping disorders in order to help them sleep. However study shows that this type of drug is highly addictive and does have a boosted effect when coupled with alcohol. Those who have grown dependent on Ativan have claimed that the drug did enable them to cure their anxiety disorder but it easily made them addicted to it and would hunger for for its use after just a couple of days and nights utilizing it.

abuse of ativan has been slowly discouraged for subjects who have sleep disorders simply because it can easily cause addiction. Insomniacs discover that this drug can cause them to be more calm, sleepy and tranquil thus making them get the sleep they need. Nonetheless it is not to be combined with alcohol or any drink that contains small traces of alcohol in it simply because alcohol can increase the side effects of the drug which leads to muscle weakness, stomach problems, nausea and difficulty breathing. It can even result in a comatose when they are abusing this drug frequently and mixing them with alcohol.

There are also other kinds of treatment for insomnia or sleep deprivation that does not call for a person to use prescription medications that could ultimately lead to substance addictions . Physician’s advice their patients that major workout and healthy diet can lead to a healthful sleeping routine without taking any kind of prescription drugs or health supplements. Another alternative is counseling where a person is advised to think of calming thoughts and be in a more peaceful state of mind just before they go to sleep. This particular technique works if a person can put aside their mental stress in order to get the rest they deserve.

Such prescription medications for insomnia are certainly not permitted for women who are pregnant or for those who have previously experienced a dependency on other drugs. The side effects that it could bring to pregnant women are birth defects or experiencing a miscarriage during their pregnancy. These kinds of risks are very severe that’s the reason physicians strongly advise their patients from using this kind of prescription medication. Although there are still a few doctors that prescribe this medicine, they just make their patients take lesser doses in order to prevent them from becoming addicted.

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