Addiction To Alcohol

June 22, 2012 0 Comments

By Renee Clark

It happens quietly and without most people realizing. It happens to all types of different families. It happens to rich people and it happens to poor people. It affects both males and females. It happens to teens and grown ups. It can destroy entire households. It can kill you, or worse help you kill another person. It does not discriminate and as soon as it grabs ahold of you, you will have to struggle to make it let go. And you will have to battle with it for the rest of your life over who controls you.

What is it? It is alcohol. Alcohol can be a fairly benign substance, unfortunately people take things too far sometimes. Some people abuse alcohol and use it for all of the wrong reasons. Then before they realize it they now have a dependency to alcohol.

So how can a person know if they have taken things past an acceptable limit? Well why don’t we talk about that for a moment. Listed below are some serious warning signs to let you know you or someone you love has an addiction of alcohol.

The very first thing you look for once you wake up is a drink.
The first thing you need after work is a drink.
You start requiring a drink part way through your day.
You have woken up more than once and you have no idea how you got home.
You can’t recall what happened last night, or the night before.
You drink more than 3 drinks a day, daily.
The very first thing you look for when you are stressed is a drink.
You purchase alcohol before you purchase milk.
You drink more and more because you can’t get “that feeling” with just three drinks any longer, you now need 6 drinks.

If you are unsure if you have alcohol abuse signs, read the list above. If you find that over fifty percent of the list match your world today, then chances are you have an issue that you ought to deal with. If you’re still unsure, try this, give up alcohol for 72 hours. Are you able to do it? No excuses, no drinking for 3 days. In the event you can’t do it then you’re in serious trouble and you will need to go get yourself some help.

Alcohol is normally a nice addition to a meal or for a party, however it can spiral out of control quickly. So, don’t allow alcohol to take over your life and become a dependency.

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