Advances In Healthcare Lead To Advances In Medical Transportation

June 2, 2012 0 Comments

The advances in medical technology that occur every few years are a spectacular thing to consider. These days everything from AIDS to Cancer has treatments that are leaps and bounds above what they were years ago. At the same time surgical procedures from heart bypasses to full on organ replacement have come light-years from where they once were, allowing people to live long after various types of organ failures and normal wear and tare. As the technology of healthcare has improved and keeping people alive longer has gotten better the ability of ambulance services to stabilize a patient upon pick-up has also increased. In many ways this is the biggest leap forward of all.

The equipment available in an ambulance was once rather rudimentary in terms of general medical treatment. While most ambulances are still not outfitted with all the amenities of the operating room, more and more there are actually a lot of great devices to help people working in medical transport keep patients alive until they arrive at the hospital. There was a time when even a defibrillator and a professional grade heart monitor were not to be expected. Obviously those things were added to the roster of necessary items in an ambulance a long time ago and things have advanced since then.

Another positive development in the wide world of medical transport has been the better and more thorough training of people working in emergency medical transportation services. These days your average EMT is ready for a number of different illnesses, ailments and injuries. Some time ago there were actually places that required little to no training for ambulance workers. Thankfully those days are long behind most places in the United States. Ambulance service may vary from state to state but across the board it is better, safer and more advanced than it was some years ago. The first phase in your medical treatment is now a lot more effective at keeping you or your loved ones alive until they get to the hospital.

Advances in medicine of course might never be enough. Things should however continue to get better because progress tends to breed more progress and paralysis in many cases equals death. We can all be confident in the ability of ambulance services and modern ambulance workers to do high quality work that will get us from where ever we happen to be and into the skilled hands of doctors with a wide array of treatments and solutions for what ails us.

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