Alcoholism And Its Alternative Treatments

July 17, 2012 0 Comments

Alcohol dependency serves as among the most debilitating conditions that is based on social dependency, that causes both psychological and physical dependence. This makes alcohol addiction one of the most difficult addiction to avoid due to its lose availability. However, you need not to worry as therapy facilities are now accessible from abstinence as well as in coping with situations on the addiction.

Getting Supplements to Control Alcohol Desire

It is advisable to give adequate supplements to lower your craving for alcohol during and after the weaning process. You should deplete certain nutrients that alcohol consumption has already leached your body. Your body naturally feels desire which can be mistaken for need for alcohol when your body has insufficient nutrients. When you are addicted to alcohol you most likely have low level of nutrients like vitamin C, amino acids, and B complex. This means that you need to cover up these nutrients with low fat, lean protein to your daily diet.

Incorporate Minerals and Herbs Into Your Day-to-day Servings

In planning your meal, always remember to add minerals and herbs. Research shows that the herb, Milk Thistle, helps restore and improve the function of your liver, which can be damaged by years of alcoholic drinks intake. The mineral chromium is known in relieving fatigue commonly suffered by those who are alcohol drinkers. The fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) content of Evening Primrose Oil fights withdrawal from alcohol.

Consult an Acupuncturist

Set up an appointment with an acupuncturist. Acupuncture can treat a number of the symptoms linked to alcohol dependency. These symptoms include over emotional responses, foggy thinking, stress management, and memory problems. Acupuncture treatment may also function as a great option in conjunction with traditional treatment plan at treatment centers for alcohol and drugs.

Meditation for Beating Alcohol dependency

Meditation is yet another good option to traditional alcohol dependency treatment programs. It helps enhance memory, lower stress, and serves as a substitute for alcohol drinking. Meditate well by finding the right location where you will not be bothered and feel comfortable. Experts recommend that you complete the entire process of your meditation through three deep breathing

Integrate Stretch and Balance to Yoga

Some alcohol drug treatment centers provide programs that add yoga to the conventional treatment programs for alcoholism. Yoga also teaches you a sense of oneness with God besides being a considered an exercise that maintains balanced and limber body.

With all of these alternative treatments to alcoholism, it is still recommended not to treat your illness on your own. They are effectively and best employed in addition to the professional therapy program with administration of health care experts.

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