All That You Need To Know About Recovering From Alcohol Addiction And Alcoholism

June 9, 2012 0 Comments

How can you tell when drug abuse becomes drug dependence? An abuser is the one who takes a drug every now and then only to achieve a certain state of mindlessness like a drunk who goes on weekend binges which he remembers nothing of. Drug dependence on the other hand can be defined as the state a person reaches where he finds out he cannot function like a normal person without taking the drug. These people, the abuser and the drug addict set off from the same point – that of taking drugs to feel good. There is a difference between addiction and abuse and most individuals who use drugs like to think they do not have a problem and they can curb whenever they want to . You won’t find out if this is true unless you understand the issues you have with drugs. Drug abuse turns into a love affair, the kind which leads most people to steal, lie and cheat and even to die for.

In drug rehab centers the most important step is the detox step. It is most likely the hardest and going through it without any slight relapses might be the determining element of whether a person will be able to carry on without his drugs. There is a three month window that most rehab specialists give to recovering addicts to stick to their rehab program . Once one has gone through the worst physical symptoms of withdrawal, he may get into a depressive state and constant stress. The cravings can be bad enough to push one to turn to the drug. It seems almost impossible for an addict to stay on the straight path after the initial stint in rehab as research has revealed, most addicts have to go in for center for drug rehabilitation more than once. The reason that there is such a high probability of failure might have to do with the idea that most specialists have about drug addiction being a neurological issue. This concept urges that treatment should not only be physical but psychological as well.

The next step that should come up in rehab is the acknowledgement and realization that addicts tend to be selfish when they don’t stop to consider what their problem does to their families and all of those who love them. They should understand that drugs do not solve or ease any problems but rather allow one to hide while slowly poisoning their systems – utilizing drugs should be portrayed as a deadly condition that fortunately can be cured with things that are as basic as talk therapy, nutrition, yoga exercise, meditation and a general change in way of living.

Rehab is a good place for anyone fighting addiction to work out their issues . That is why it is best to enroll in a rehab program that is longer than just a couple of months to give your body and mind an opportunity to heal.

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