Bad Breath Test

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God has designed the human body in such a way that it does not allow you to smell your own body odor. It’s a human process called Acclimation which is necessary so that you are able to smell other things besides your own. Hence on the same lines it is impossible to smell your own breath by cupping your hand up to your nose and smelling? All you are doing is smelling your hand. This process will not give you any authentic results.

There are a number of tests you can perform at home that clearly indicate if you may have offensive breath and it will cost you nothing rather help in how to cure bad breath. Below mentioned are some of them:

– Cotton Test: Take a cotton gauze and wipe it on the top surface of your tongue and then smell it, if you get any it is the most authentic method of testing and if the cotton is stained in pale yellow colour it indicates that you might have elevated sulphide production level.
– Lick Test: Lick the back of your hand and wait for ten seconds and then check the smell, if there is any then sulphur salts have been transferred from your tongue to the hand, primarily proving the bad breath issue you might be having unknowingly so far.
– Dental floss Test: Food is generally caught in the back teeth, run a piece of floss in that area and then smell, it will say a lot for your breath odor.
– Mirror Test: Whenever possible stand in front of the mirror and stick your tongue out as far as possible and see if the back of your tongue looks white in colour. It is a clear indication that you have a bad breath.
– Observation Test: While socializing in your circle if you have noticed that people step back whenever you open your mouth to talk or have offered you gums and mints and sometimes unfortunately excused themselves for some or the other reason.
– Ask and Confront Test: It’s always advisable if you want to be doubly sure you can ask a good friend or someone you trust. Just pop the question and confront the reality like a confident and brave personality if they give you a positive answer.
– Diet Test: Some foods are also responsible to alter your taste; it is a good sign that sulphur compounds are being produced. This commonly occurs after using alcohol based mouth washes, consumption of dairy foods, alcoholic beverages, or after eating sugary products.

Otherwise HALIMETER is the equipment available with the dentist, helping you to check your breath and the odor if above mentioned home test do not provide you any positive result and you wish to go for an extensive test. This is an instrument which measures the concentration of sulphide molecules in one’s breath and saliva. After these tests one can ascertain bad breath treatment required post diagnosis. After all of these formalities get over and you follow little caution and treatment methods success is bound to come and you can forget the days, when bad breath used to be a cause of worry and you shying away from attending public events and functions.

Bad breath remedy is easily available at an arm’s length and with little bit of awareness and pro-activeness you can leave behind the heart breaking memories of your child-hood or teenage when you were often teased by your friend for your bad breath. Something you always wanted to vanish completely from your life at that time. Always a large looming question of how to get rid of bad breath ruled your mind at that time but now you have a lot of solutions.

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