Bad Effects Of Meth Abuse On Your Health And Wellbeing

July 28, 2012 0 Comments

Are you familiar with crystal methamphetamine? It is one of the misused medication by addicts nowadays. This is one type of stimulant drug known by numerous names such as krank, Tina, gib, spraak, glass, hydro, crystal meth, tweak and ice. Meth can be taken in different methods like smelling, smoking, eating and injection. Just like other drugs, methamphetamine abuse has several symptoms and effects that vary according to dosage and frequency of use.

Crystal methamphetamine or crystal meth is regarded as one of the toughest drugs to overcome because once an addict is taken to the rehabilitation center, his or her life is ruined. Most often, meth junkies experienced multiple physical symptoms such as facial excoriations, serious dental damage, jaw collapse and probable heart disease. This drug is also famous among obese people due to its ability to reduce weight.

Meth addiction affects the neurotransmitters of the nerve cells which are accountable for the communication between neurons or nerve cells. This is an important function needed in conveying our thoughts, ideas, views and actions. When a person abuses meth, it affects the nerve cells by increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the neurotransmitters, thereby reducing them in the body. Moreover, the abrupt increase of these chemicals result to physical pleasure but its intensity is dependent on the frequency and method of how it is taken. If consumed either intravenously or through smoking, you can see the effects in just ten seconds, while it takes about three to five minutes when ingested or snorted. You’ll know that junkies had overdose of meth when they experienced convulsions, heart disorders and high fever.

The side effects of meth abuse are numerous and are debilitating and visible such as irritability, aggressiveness, nervousness and anxiety. In some situations, junkies experienced mental depression, repetitive speech, talkativeness, sleeping disturbances, bloated confidence and lack of interests on things.

Continued meth addiction can be disastrous to a person’s’s health because it can result to heart failure, brain damage, stroke and suicide. Moreover, unborn child of pregnant meth users can be equally addicted and dependent on meth once they are born.

Lastly, this drug gives addicts inconceivable feeling of bodily energy, thus they stay awake and active for several hours. Moreover, failure to get enough sleep and rest are bad for their health.

Now that you know how meth affects the body, do not dare to experiment with this drug. Keep in mind that it is good to have a healthy body everyday! If you know someone who abuses meth, talk to him or her and help him or her get the needed therapy and recovery from meth addiction.

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