Be Aware Of The Fact That Prescription Drug Abuse Entails Plenty Of Consequences

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Specialists normally order narcotics to cure Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a psychiatric problem which strikes children as well as adults. Yes, it is referred to as a medication Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder but parents must stay clear of abuse of prescription drugs. They should know the adverse reactions of the drug.

To aid parents with that goal, here are a few unwanted effects that a person may suffer from when he/she is addicted to narcotics.

Adderell is an amphetamine. This substance is among the most commonly employed narcotics. But, its use may lead to addiction to narcotics. This medicine may result in death. Parents should not expose their children to the drug for a long period of time. They should consult their doctor every so often to ensure the protection of their kids as well as to know the right dosage to be taken. But if your family has a history of consuming drugs, it is advised to discontinue the medicine immediately. It is best for your child to consume the lowest possible dose of the medicine.

Side effects to the body may appear if an individual continues to be a victim of adderall abuse like digestive and cardiovascular problems, psychological illnesses, withdrawal signs and other fatal adverse effects.

Digestive Problems

Taking narcotics may lead to stomach ache even after a single dosage. When you experience this kind of predicament, make sure you notify your doctor as this might lead to serious troubles if not shunned. You might lose appetite and result in weight loss. These manifestations will diminish as time passes, but if manifestations persist, consult your medical doctor right away.

Psychological Illness

A number of individuals reported some incidents that continuous use of narcotics worsens the manifestations of psychological illness. It is highly recommended not to take narcotics if you are presently consuming medicines like MAOI or Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor. This is a group of medications utilized to treat depression.

Cardiac Problems

Dependence on narcotics may trigger cardiovascular problems and at times contributes to death. So it is extremely recommended not to take the medicine if you have cardiovascular diseases. If you are uncertain about the condition of your heart, consult your physician before consuming the medicine. Some occurrences reported that their heart disease was due to intake of narcotics.

Withdrawal Issues

Continuous usage of narcotics for a long period of time can change brain function for good. Due to irregular blood circulation to the brain, this may also result in tremors and convulsions. And when an individual consumes this medicine for a long period of time and abruptly stops, it may also lead to other issues. Many people suffer from symptoms of withdrawal like crankiness, extreme food cravings, bad dreams, tiredness and even suicide. It is recommended to gradually lower the dose of the medicine.

Although narcotics is commonly prescribed by professionals to treat Adhd, it has still consequences that should be observed by parents.

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