Benefits Of Paleo Diet Recipes

June 14, 2012 0 Comments

By Stefani Padilla

If you have heard of the Paleo Diet, but were questioning the benefits of placing Paleo diet recipes in your day to day life, here is some information just for you. Many Americans today suffer from obesity or other weight issues. And still many other suffer from other health issues and allergies. And then there are a lucky few who are fit and healthy and want to maintain that state. Regardless of which category you are in, you can benefit from Paleo Diet recipes!

First of all, if you suffer from obesity or other weight issues more than likely the primary reason for this is the lack of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise and/or high levels of stress. Excess weight can not only affect your health, in ways such as heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, etc, but can negatively affect your self esteem as well. In addition, may types of allergies and other health issues such as lack of energy can be alleviated through proper nutrition as well.

This is why it is so critical to have a proper healthy diet to help you deal with health issues as well as life issues. If weight loss were the only issue, there are many diets to choose from, however, if you want to be healthy, what you need to do is start eating the right kinds of foods – not stop eating altogether! If you start to incorporate Paleo diet recipes into your daily mealplan that soon you will find yourself losing weight and feeling healthier than ever before!

What is the Focus of Paleo Diet Recipes?

If you are used to dieting, you are probably used to counting calories, or fat, or carbs, or something! Or maybe you tried those shakes and powders instead of eating real food. Chances are that none of these methods worked for you, at least not long term, and that you suffered from a variety of cravings (and possibly even caved in to them) during the course of the diet. Any success in losing weight was likely only temporary, and you certainly didn’t feel healthier nor did you choose to continue eating that way once you reached your weight goal. And good luck in keeping the weight off once you stop the diet! In contrast, when switching to Paleo Diet recipes you eat a variety of protein rich foods such as lean meat, seafood, beans, nuts and seeds and vegetables and fruits and other root plants. You don’t have to count this or count that, and you can eat until you are full, and then you simply stop eating. There are some restrictions, namely those things you already know are junk food such as pizza, pasta, cakes (although there are alternative Paleo Diet recipes you can use so you won’t even miss them – click here for a delicious carrot cake cupcake Paleo Diet recipe).

You will find that Paleo Diet recipes are easy to fix, good for you, and very tasty. One popular ingredient in many Paleo diet recipes is tomatoes, which can be eaten raw (my kids love to eat grape tomatoes as a snack) or baked and seasoned with parsley and black pepper. Another delicious option is a spicy tomato soup with fresh vegetables which not only add taste and texture to the recipe, but provide added nutritional value as well.

Another great Paleo Diet recipe staple is apples. Apples can be eaten raw, or you can use them as a garnish with pork and create a meal. You can also blend apples with a little ice, orange, honey and lemon and make a delicious and refreshing apple cider smoothie!

It’s amazing how many different ways you can make healthy and delicious Paleo Diet recipes. There are many sources available both in print and online where you can find some great recipes catered to your personal tastes. By utilizing Paleo Diet recipes in your daily diet you will enjoy the benefits of eating healthy, seeing your body return to it’s ideal weight, and improve your overall health. The Paleo Diet is the best, low stress, delicious ways to help you get and maintain a healthy, fit, and attractive body.

Ms. Padilla is a happily married mom of 4 and a health yeating advocate. To learn more about Paleo Diet Recipes and how to incorporate them into your own healthy lifestyle, please visit her website here.

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