Bipolar Disorder In The Young – What Indicators Should Moms And Dads Look Out For?

July 10, 2012 0 Comments

As a rule mums and dads realize teenagers can be filled with satisfaction one second, then distressed and despondent a while later for not a bit of reason. Often times they actually get incredibly thrilled and of course you will need to calm them down, while at other times it seems they simply wish to sit about doing almost nothing. This sort of behavior is often nothing to be worried about, however when this kind of behavioral transformations are extremely common, or if they’re harsh enough to be having a negative influence on a student’s schoolwork, then it is quite likely that the child has got bipolar disorder. The truth is, bipolar disorder in children is way more common than most people believe.

A lot of psychiatry reading identifies bipolar disorder as being a bad mental health illness, nevertheless I, as well as thousands of others, have a tendency to disagree with this kind of label. The very last thing an adolescent with bipolar disorder needs to be told is that they’re mentally sick. I quite often question whether they choose this type of lingo mainly to warrant handing powerful stimulant prescription medications to teenagers, and that just so these young kids can be better behaved and a little easier to control.

Precisely what is Bipolar Disorder? Like I’ve stated briefly above, teens with this problem experience continual mood swings. Just about all teenagers do, however their mood swings are usually not as frequent, and are generally also not as harsh. Where a typical youngster could be joyful and enthusiastic, a youngster with bipolar disorder will be delighted and extremely stimulated, to a degree where they start acting silly. Where a regular youngster could be sad, a young child with this problem may probably be noticeably depressed.

As far as medical professionals are aware, individuals are definitely not born with the problem, but instead, they develop it at some point in their lives. Oddly enough enough, nearly all people develop the problem during their teens, or their 20’s. There isn’t any cure, so once the individual develops the disorder, they tend to have it for the remainder of their lives, all the same along with appropriate management, it is often managed to the extent where the symptoms and signs will be virtually nonexistent.

Bipolar disorder typically runs in families, so if one or both parents have it, there’s a strong possibility that at least one of their kids will develop it at some point. Specialists also believe individuals that are affected by one or more anxiety related illnesses seems to be at an increased risk of developing bipolar disorder, and particularly young children.

Bipolar disorder in younger children and teens can certainly be especially difficult for parents to struggle with, however if they really need to help their young ones, they must be willing to go that step further, rather than look for an easy way out. Lots of the medications that are prescribed for teens with health concerns such as bipolar disorder and ADHD are really powerful. They are Type 2 Controlled Substances, and come with an FDA Black Box Warning. The explanation for this being, many of them are tremendously addictive, and many could also encourage suicidal tendencies.

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