Bright Ideas On How To Remove Moles

July 15, 2012 0 Comments

By Ryan Andrews

Can you have your moles removed without any side effects coming from the process? Before trying out any new treatment, it is advisable to meet a dermatologist. Before recommending a specific treatment, a thorough assessment of the moles will have to be done by the doctor. Large moles that also happen to display growth require more than the usual simple and natural methods that are being often recommended for mole removal. You can still make use of these natural remedies; however, do not expect fast and quick results. Surgeries could bring you the results you want much faster. There might be slight scar formation, but your facial beauty will be restored.

A biopsy test is usually recommended by doctors. Those who get a negative biopsy test are cleared to have their moles removed using natural treatments. However, it is a different story if it turns out that the moles are cancerous. Instead of natural treatments, you would most likely be required to undergo excision treatments instead. You have to ensure that the mole will be completely removed. Even small remnants of the moles might lead to a recurrence of cancer.

For older people, laser treatment is the most recommended treatment. If the patients are too old and they are unable to bear the pain of surgery, they can try the laser treatment. Laser treatment would also mean that only the moles will be subjected to the treatment. Other cells that are surrounding the moles on the face or other parts of the body will not get affected in any way. The moles will be completely obliterated once they are hit with the laser light. The pigments within the moles will be damaged. It will also leave the top part of the dermal layer destroyed. If the moles are very small, there will be few sessions of treatment. If the moles are too large, then you will have to attend many such sessions. In each session, a certain proportion of the mole will be removed. By the end of the last session, there will be a small scar. Give it time and they will soon fade; just make sure you do not expose it to the sun too much or scratch it. Usually, excision causes more scars than laser treatments. Aside from being more painful, razors can also cause more scarring.

It is not the pre treatment measures that you should take note of; you should also have good post treatment measures in place. For your treatment, you may have already decided to use garlic paste or paste from cumin seeds. Before applying them, however, you should first use a cleanser to clean any dirt off your moles. If you are unable to use cleansers, you can even use lukewarm water as well as soap water. They will deal with whatever dirt or dust is left in your face.

After the treatment has been performed and you’ve obtained the desired result, you should still have a skin care regimen in place. Try not to expose your skin to too much sun. The skin will get more damaged the more sunlight is imposed on it. Other dark spots would simply take the place of the moles that were removed during the treatment. Thus the entire effort taken to remove moles will be lost.

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