Caffeine Use May Greatly Result To Drug Addiction

July 17, 2012 0 Comments

Even though an individual can get benefits or relief from the intake of Ritalin as a prescribed medicine by a doctor, it might lead to addiction when overused. The drug abuse can lead affect one’s life in a very negative way. It ultimately affect the treatment to one’s self and others. Moreover, it even makes a person get high risks for seizures and strokes, major heart problems; blood pressure becomes high, nervousness, problems in sleeping and develops respiratory complications.

Worst case scenario that can happen to a Ritalin drug addict is death. Nevertheless, there is also no satisfaction with ritalin abuse. This is due to the fact that it just brings more pain than advantages. It does not even help someone’s life to become truly satisfied. They only end up being full yet still empty and this is really very miserable.

Ritalin is a very great drug to sooth a hyperactive person and at the same time help improve the focus or concentration. It is consisting of caffeine and ephedrine and this makes the user keep awake for a long time. Unfortunately, it is also addictive just like any other type of drug. As a matter of fact, when an individual takes Ritalin without having any medically diagnosed of having hyperactivity will experience effects similar to taking of cocaine. Ritalin is used by drug addicts in a different way and they might opt to snort the crushed pill or inject it. Normally, Ritalin is prescribed by doctors in the form of a pill.

A drug addicted person finds it difficult to recognize that temporary sense of pleasure although real is somewhat superficial. The addict’s total dependency on any drugs definitely experiences so much distress and stress in their lives. They want a way out of their miseries. Unfortunately, they turn out to be much more entangled with such miserable life. They are in so much illusion that the perfection of joy and happiness is with drugs while in fact they just become destroyer of their bodies and lives.

The wish to gratify one’s self is just normal. Nevertheless, when one has already gained a lot of material things, had relationships and not yet being completely satisfied despite great efforts then that makes an individual try to experiment different easy ways to find satisfaction. Same thing also happens to someone who experiences hopelessness. The goal is satisfaction regardless if it’s just for a short or a long time.

Drug abuse certainly kills any person slowly. Although the individual gets some sense of enjoyment, it is very flickering and doesn’t last very long. The impact of ecstasy from drugs just comes and goes very easily. At some point, people move towards a kind of life which is more fulfilling and so they give up the lesser taste of so called enjoyment. However, in the circumstance of a drug addicted person, he is in phantasm that he can be so fulfilled with drugs. They set aside more important things in life like harmonious relationship to others, making advancement and attaining the actual goal of life.

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