Causes Of Sensitive Ears

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Sensitive ears can cause a variety of discomforting situations and inconveniences. From outer ear infections to more serious maladies, dealing with these problems can be a source of confusion as well as irritation.

Metal Sensitivity Allergies

The most common types of sensitivity for ears include allergic reactions to earring metals. People with pierced ears often face dealing with allergies from various types of metal associated with the materials used in making earrings. This is most commonly handled by only wearing non-metal earrings, such as those made with:





*Other pure, non-metal materials

Anyone suffering from metal sensitivity should also cease wearing any earrings which contain nickel. Nickel allergies are some of the more common causes of allergic dermatitis. There are many hypoallergenic earrings which are designed for people to use as an alternative, however, there are some variations which are actually nickel, coated in other materials. Because of this, it is very important to select earrings carefully.

Environmental Allergies

Inner and outer ear allergies can occur as the result of a fundamental environmental allergy. When these issues are present, a crust may form around or inside of the ear, usually caused by drainage.

Ear sensitivity due to environmental allergies involves the middle ear membranes. Allergens can become lodged inside of the ear and irritate the lining. While they do not cause illnesses or diseases, they can cause a reaction so that the tissue swells and then weeps. This chemical reaction may be impaired through the use of anti-histamines.

If allergy medicine does not help, be sure to see your doctor to diagnose the cause and suggest an alternative therapy. Sometimes allergy symptoms may occur when more serious infections are present. Other inner ear allergies can occur due to sinusitis, which causes draining from the throat through to the ears. In this case, a doctor may prescribe special antibiotics, sprays or other treatments.

Ear Sound Sensitivities

Sound sensitivity in ears can also be quite common. In some cases, sound issues occur due to a near constant exposure to loud noises either in the workplace, outside or at home. For example, people who work at industrial jobs have been known to develop sound sensitivity.

This type of ear sensitivity may also result from deficient diets. A lack of adequate magnesium can particularly have an impact on how ears perceive sounds. A well-balanced diet containing proper nutrients from vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains as protein sources can be an efficient remedy for the problem.

Ear Damage

In some situations, damage to small hairs in ears may develop. Hairs can enlist other nearby hairs in order to pick up sounds which are out of the pitch. This can result in sounds being heard louder than what is considered normal. As this can lead to hearing loss, this condition should be checked by a doctor. In some cases, hearing aids may be required.

Ringing sounds in the ear is another sensitivity type that may develop. This can result from loud noises, but there are a wider range of causes. Doctors treat ringing in the ears with various remedies, dependent upon the exact situation.

Sensitive ears can be a common problem. From allergies to hearing difficulties, these issues can develop in any individual. The key to eliminating the sensitivity is in finding the cause so that you can work to countering the problem to prevent further discomfort or damage.

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