Common Warning Signs Of Drug Addiction

July 19, 2012 0 Comments

We’re all conscious of the dangers of getting addicted to dangerous substances such as alcohol and drugs. The majority of us do not realize that the problems with dependency might be deadly over a period of time. Studies on this topic reveal that there are more deaths caused in the United States of America because of taking substances than accidents triggered by traffic automobiles. Detailed researches completed in 2009 revealed that nearly 37,485 victims feel prey to brain damage issues because of overdoses of chemical substance use in the US. In the very same year 1,200 individuals were victims of motor accidents. All these statistics are worrying and a cause of concern.

According to the epidemiologist, Dr. Leonard Paulozzi, who heads the CDC division of accidental injuries prevention, the issue is mostly the outcome of people using prescription medications. Medical specialists dispense with these medicines freely and this is accountable for the number of fatalities. Affected individuals are prescribed drugs which alleviate discomfort and they continue to take them despite the fact that they have no more pain as they get habituated to the sensations. Numerous deaths have been induced thanks to affected individuals taking overdoses of OxyContin (oxycodone) or Vicodin (hydrocodone) which are prescribed drugs that are opioid anesthetics.

The rates of these doctor prescribed drugs has stayed constant regardless of the reality that rates of most substances regarded as illegal has been decreased. The problem arises, since many US residents are under the wrong belief that drugs accessible easily may be used without restraint to sort out almost all of their problems. In 2008, practically 300,000 residents in the United States of America were admitted to alcohol rehabilitation centers because of difficulties with overdose of painkillers. Many of the sufferers do not realize that they become addicted to the anesthetics which could prove fatal in the long run.

Prescribed drugs could easily turn hazardous when sufferers begin using them indiscreetly. Numerous affected individuals often take these kinds of medicines that can become habit forming over a time period as the physique begins to respond to them. Once the body develops a tolerance level there is always the danger of becoming dependent on the drug. The affected person can mistake the withdrawal signs and symptoms for the real pain. This is simply because opioid anaesthetics result in withdrawal symptoms. The physician will prescribe yet another medicine as the patient may still complain of pain and this can unknowingly set the ball rolling. The individual turns into a victim of addiction and is not aware of the truth that he/she requires to become treated for this issue in drug or alcohol rehabs.

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