Consider Acupuncture For Anxiety And Depression

August 15, 2012 0 Comments

By Reil Miller

The kind of lifestyle that people live with today can lead to mental and emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression. These mental-emotional distresses are the most common conditions that are affecting a lot of people today. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression but you do not want any medication, you can consider a natural alternative therapy. Acupuncture is a natural healing method that can help address anxiety and depression.

Anxiety may come in various forms. It may be a mild worrying about an upcoming event, post traumatic stress disorder, or panic attacks. There are some anxieties which are normal and are a healthy response to the daily stress of life. However, there are also certain forms of anxiety that happens randomly or in excessive manner. This kind of anxiety is a cause for concern. The acupuncture treatment can help in addressing this problem by regaining the proper balance mentally and physically. The acupuncture treatment for this condition can involve body and ear acupuncture. Body acupuncture points may target several organs like the heart, kidney, and spleen. This is to harmonize the heart and kidney, and to nourish the cooling Yin energy which will sedate the Fire within the heart. Depending on the manifestations of your anxiety in conjunction with the diagnosis of the pulse and tongue, the acupuncturist can determine the right Chinese medicine is best for you.

Depression, on the other hand, also affects a lot of people. There are effective medications that can address the problem, but there are certain side effects that individuals do not want to deal with. For this reason, alternative natural therapies like acupuncture are worth considering. Depression is a mental-emotional condition which can make the person feel extremely exhausted. People who are suffering from depression want to get better but they do not have the energy to do so. Some of the symptoms of depression are: poor state of mind, inability to enjoy activities, crying spells, and many more. Acupuncture can help treat depression by circulating the life force energy and balancing it to relieve specific symptoms. Once the life force energy is properly circulated and normalized, you will have the strength to get back to your life thus leaving your depression behind.

Anxiety and depression must not be ignored. It must be addressed immediately before the problem gets out of hand. Acupuncture is an alternative natural therapy which can help alleviate such mental-emotional distresses with little to no side effects.

Reil Miller a freelance writer who writes about the benefits of acupuncture. She also writes for acpuncture clinics like Alban Acupuncture Clinic

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